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If you are a new person and stumble upon my website, then welcome! This website and blog will serve as a place for me to publish my stories and thoughts. If you are interested, please check out the summaries below:

Clash of Tides cover 2

Ever since my father left I was taught to follow in the footsteps of my mother. Maybe life is just following in the path of another, that we don’t really have a choice in the way we end up. There is no fate, there is no destiny, just the flow of life that we are given. It’s easier to follow the current than fight against it.

–   Elena

In a mystical world, where undersea creatures roam, a young woman, Elena, quickly finds herself a part of their world. She was taught to accept her fate; to not fight against the cards she had been dealt. After being taken by a merman, she thought maybe accepting fate is easier than fighting it, especially when a certain merman has specific plans for her. However, just maybe, accepting fate is not always the answer. Will Elena be able to fight the fate flowed to her, or will she be able to fight against the current, and forge her own path in life?

Warning: 18+ scenes

|Dark Fantasy| Romance| New Adult| Action| Complicated and Twisted Love|

© Copyright 2016 Akaluv

Cover by the wonderful @seventhstar

I know it’s hard to find a good merman romance story, but you may enjoy this one =)

If you are interested in reading, please click the link to view Chapter 1.  Also, all chapters can be found under the Clash of Tides menu.


Lana is the most distrusted and hated guardian angel in heaven. Even with the Commander of God’s army by her side, Uriel, she is still disregarded.

Long ago, she once cared for the fallen angel loved by God. That angel, Lucifer, seeks to return to the one he loves, Lana. Since Lucifer fell from grace, the other angels have never forgotten his betrayal. Because of this, Lana has fought for acceptance, to be recognized as a fellow angel rather than an enemy. However, the ill treatment from other angels hasn’t stopped her from living in Heaven. One day, she hopes to redeem her past transgressions, but only time can tell.

What the guardian angels cannot see is demonic activity on earth. Demons are acting strange, masking their true intentions in the darkness.

As the battle for mortal souls and Earth rages on, angels and demons clash, and the end of days is only beginning.

Which side will win? The king of hell has never played fair, and no archangel will stop him from returning to the one he loves.

Angels and Demons will Suffer

War will Rage On

Loyalty will be Tested

Cover created by the wonderful @seventhstar

© Copyright 2016 Akaluv

If you are interested in reading this story, the chapters will be posted soon!

Both stories can be found for free on my website! Just click on the title of the story at the top and the chapters are there. In the future, I plan to add more drawings of the characters and the worlds.


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