Self-doubt and Realization


Self-doubt, the dreaded word that all us writers can relate to. This one word has been my experience with writing. For as long as I’ve been writing, I’ve had self-doubt. Even to this day, in this moment, minute and second, I have doubt. Doubt about my writing ability, plots, and characters. Sometimes as I write, I’ll question my choice of words, scenes, and dialogue. Questions like, “What if my readers don’t like this? Or “What if my story doesn’t get many new readers?”. Constant questions run through my head like water flowing downstream.

When I first started writing Clash of Tides, I thought the story would be popular, amazing! Sadly, I was wrong. Like most new writers, I fell for the trap of thinking my story would be number 1, and everyone would love it. How wrong I was. When I first posted the story on Wattpad, I got some reads, and eventually more readers, but it still didn’t compare to those with 100K reads or 1M reads. I was so sad about it, nearly devastated. However, I did know that merman stories weren’t too popular in the fiction community. Sometimes I thought, if I wait, I’ll get more reads, but nope, didn’t happen.

Although, after reading the few comments my readers left and remembering how much I love writing Clash of Tides, I didn’t want to give up. Eventually, I came to the realization that writing isn’t about reads, it’s about writing the story in my head. And if a few readers want to share in my character’s adventures, who am I to deny them 🙂

After all, the world needs more stories with black female leads and hot mermen 🙂

If you haven’t already, then please check out Clash of Tides. It’s a fantasy romance that will pull you into the sea, and drown you with adventure.

Click here to read Chapter 1!


3 thoughts on “Self-doubt and Realization

  1. Love your thoughts here. Of course we all want to be read, but so much of writing is to express what is in our mind and heart. Even if we only bless a few it is worth it to put something of value into the world. Thank you for sharing your stories.


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