Chapter 16 Part 1 Preview

Clash of Tides has moved here:

Whew! This is what I’ve been working on today. Here is a preview of my newest chapter! Oh, the joy of diving into a new world and writing about a character’s confusion =)

Here is the preview:

Until this day, I never questioned Mika’s origins. As I keep running through the sea of plants and trees, my mind is a storm; confusion swirls inside of me, and I am lost in my own disbelief.

A gentle, chill breeze rustles the green leaves and blows through my hair. I pant heavily, pumping my legs as fast as I can move them. Despite the cool wind caressing my skin, my body is warm, sweating as I keep pushing myself. I know if I don’t escape this forest, Mika could find me, or worst, the Belua.

“Elena…Elena.” My name whispers in my ear. The voice sounds inhuman, not of this world. Quickly, I stop and rank my eyes around the area. Surrounding me is trees that reach the skies, and their branches hide the light from the sun, only letting a few beams peek through. The smell of the woods blows into my nostrils: the fresh fragrance from the plants, the smell of pond water and pine.

For a moment, I notice something strange – the woods are silent.

Elena…Elena, I hear my name in my head, like someone is communicating with me. I stay, shocked. Have the Belua found me? It can’t be Assan…

If you are interested, please check out Chapter 1!

Poor Elena doesn’t know what to believe.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Part 1 Preview

  1. I just love how descriptive you are….you are especially adept at evoking sensations….you made me feel as though I were in the setting…smelling and seeing everything you described so beautifully…your writing flows well….a wonderful read…as was chapter 1…follow your calling…you are meant to write 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I try to be descriptive in my stories so readers can easily visualize the world. Your words mean so much to me^^ I definitely plan to keep writing. Thank you so much for encouragement!

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