Encouragement and Readership

I will never say I am a good writer or even a great writer. Even if I happen to sell a million published books, I will never say I’m a good writer. Many of my readers ask me why I feel this way. Well, it’s because I don’t believe I am a good writer.

Why? The answer is simple: because I’m not. I believe good or great writers are not created in a few years, but in a lifetime. To be able to write fiction well – to write memorable characters, unique plots, and beautifully written prose – takes time.

Throughout my time on Wattpad, I’ve always told my readers I suck at writing. Another reason I believe this is because I barely get any reads. After writing original stories for over a year, I only have about 50K reads. While other writers have about 100K-1M.

Sometimes I wonder, what makes a story catch on to readers? What do other writers do that I don’t? However, even though I feel this way, my few readers always provide me with encouragement. I’m not a popular author or a well-known writer, but I am me. The few readers who read my work encourage me to keep going, and for them, I will keep writing.

Writing is hard, but I don’t want to give up. If I give up, I’ll never know where my stories could go.


8 thoughts on “Encouragement and Readership

  1. Reaching readers isn’t the same as writing well. I’ve used wattpad before and there are some terrible things that are terribly popular. I agree that it takes time. It’s refreshing to see this in others. I’ve met some writers that thing they are the epitome of greatness. All you can do is engage with readers, encourage them to share, and continue to improve. Slow and steady wins, it’s just hard to believe we will get there.

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  2. Very well said. Being great or the best doesnt really matter in the long run. What matters is that you enjoy and love what you’re doing again!


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