Love for an Angel

Sorry for the lack of post recently. As always “real” life gets in the way of writing online and blogging. However, I am back with some news! My second story, Love for an Angel, has finally been posted to my site. I posted the prologue and Chapter 1. If you are interested in a paranormal romance involving angels and demons, please check it out!

Link to the prologue is here. 

If I do happen to have some WordPress readers, you’ll notice a lot of my inspiration comes from Anime. While I do know a vast majority of people don’t like Anime, I’ve found that it has really helped me to write stories.

In fact, one of my dreams is to see Clash of Tides or Love for an Angel as an anime. Ah, the writer’s dream. More than likely, it will never happen, but hey! At least I can fantasize about it.

If I have any readers on here, please comment! I would love to hear from all of you! Oh, and as a bonus, I plan to update Clash of Tides this weekend. Enjoy!



Love for an Angel book cover



2 thoughts on “Love for an Angel

  1. Hi,

    Been waiting for Love of an Angel – Hell update. I love the story. I don’t know if you have updated it already or not. Was following you in Wattpad but no updates there, so thought it might be here.



    • Thanks for checking in =) Sorry for the wait, but updates will be coming soon. I’m still working on Clash of Tides, but once I’m done updating it, I’ll be working on Love for an Angel again. Expect an update this weekend 🙂


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