Writing Websites – Platform Guide and Review (1)

This is part 1 of my Writing Websites – Platform Guide and Review

Today I want to discuss different writing websites that are available online. Since I bounce around a lot, I’ve been on a few writing websites. Some good, some bad, and some just seem dead.

Deviantart – Ah, good ole Deviantart (DA for short). DA was one of the first writing websites I stumbled upon. When I first started out writing again, I wrote fanfiction. Specifically, x reader fan fiction. If you don’t know what x reader fan fiction is, it’s when you put the reader (you) into the story. Generally, these stories are written in first person or second person. Yes, you read right, second person!

For example, “you felt his touch on your skin, sending your heart aflutter.”

If you write fanfiction, especially x reader fanfiction, Deviantart is a good website for you. However, DA is more of an artist website than a writing site. The format to upload and edit stories is horrible, yes, horrible! But, if you want to get a lot of readers for your FANFICTION, then DA is the place to be. Also, keep in mind the demographic of readers is between 13-20, teen girls and young women. So, if you are looking to write romantic fanfiction, then it’s a gold mine. If you are looking to use DA for original stories, then nope, nada, move on, and move on fast! While DA does have clubs and groups for original works, they are pretty much dead. You’re lucky enough to even get 20 reads on a chapter. DA was good when I was writing fanfiction, but once I decided to write original work, I had to find a new website.

In a nutshell, DA is great for x reader fanfiction with romantic themes, but for original work, move on. Before I left DA, I had 400 followers between my two profiles. Oh, and the same goes for OC X Canon Character stories, you won’t get many readers.

Wattpad – My old writing home, and where I spent three years trying to get reads on my stories. Before I speak about Wattpad, I just want to say it’s not a bad site, but there is a lot of things there that irk me. Like Deviantart, Wattpad is a good site to post your x reader fanfiction, especially if it has romance. If you post a romantic x reader fanfiction (or a romance story in general between a girl and hot guy), you will get reads. I repeat, you WILL get reads. I’ve seen some of the worst written stories get a hundred thousand to over a million reads. It’s pretty much a hub for romance writers. While Wattpad does have other genres, romance, vampires, fanfiction and werewolves are the most popular on Wattpad.

During my time on Wattpad, I gained over 2500 followers for my fanfictions. Now, I have 3191 followers between both my fanfiction and original stories. Yes, I didn’t separate the accounts like I was supposed to (fanfiction & original work), but I’m stuck now. Anway, between DA and Wattpad, I would say Wattpad is best for original stories. However, it will take a long time to get readers for your work. Wattpad is more like a social media site for writers than anything else. The demographic is similar to DA and it shows. So don’t feel bad if you spend days perfecting a chapter for good grammar and spelling and get no reads. More than likely, a poorly written story will get more reads than your work. Now, I don’t want to knock Wattpad too much. Wattpad does provide a nice format for writers to post their stories and show off pretty covers, but if you are looking for semi-quality writing, move on.

My Wattpad Stats:

Clash of Tides 53.2K reads

Love for an Angel 21K reads

That Jerk of a Captain (fanfiction) 531K reads 

I have more to say about Wattpad, but I’ll cover that in part 2.

If you have used either Wattpad or DA, did you had a good experience?


3 thoughts on “Writing Websites – Platform Guide and Review (1)

  1. I love DA. I write a lot of mature fanfiction and post a lot of my fanfiction on it. I’m 33 and still find a lot of my creativity in fanfiction. I never have heard of Wattpad though. I post a lot on fanfiction.net. That is also a really good site.

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    • Yes, DA is great for fanfiction, especially mature fanfiction. That’s great you love writing. I know it’s hard to write as we get older, so I admire how you stay true to your creativity. Oh, I used to post on fanfiction.net, too. Thanks for responding to me^^


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