Choices – Drabble

She kept her gaze on the sprawled out female body.

“She was hit!” A man yelled, as he ran over to the crimson covered form.

“Move! Stay back!” An officer called out, gesturing to the spectators.

Despite all the noises surrounding her – the yelling, screaming, and sirens – she kept her eyes glued to the dying body before her.

“You can go back,” a soft, male voice said from behind.

She shook her head and said, “No, it’s time.”

Suddenly, a white glowing tunnel formed on the other side of the dying body, simmering with an angelic light.

As she stepped over the soon-to-be corpse, she thought about her dull, repetitive life. It was time to move on, and she made her choice.


kirk-angels (1)

I hope you liked it =)


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