Time Management and Writing


This weekend I started thinking about time management. Once you get older, life gets busier. You have work, you have school, you have your own personal hobbies, and those you need to spend time with. When I first started writing, my man hated it. Why did he hate it? Well, because I was writing and reading all the time. And I mean, ALL the time. You may ask, why were you writing and reading all the time? The simple answer is: to improve.

Luckily, once I improved my craft, I was able to spend time with him again. This brings me to the topic of time management. If you happen to notice you aren’t writing and reading a lot anymore, then try these tips:

  1. Set aside time during the day – This can be an easy 30 minutes dedicated to reading, and 30 minutes dedicated to writing. Sometimes, if I know my days are busy, I’ll use this rule. I will spend an hour just reading and writing.
  2. Plan out your day – If you know you have school and work 8 hours a day, try to plan out when you’ll write. Whether you write after doing homework or working, plan it out. For me, I’ll say, “Ok, I know I won’t be home until 4:00 today, so I’m going to write during 7-8 after dinner.
  3. Squeeze in time – For example, if you know your commute to work or school is 30 minutes, then use that time to read. With smartphones, you can also write too. If you are going to the doctors or just waiting for anything, use that time!

Smart people use their time wisely, so try out these tips and let me know if they work for you! When I work on a chapter of Clash of Tides or Love for an Angel, I make sure 2-3 hours of my day is dedicated to writing. Whether it be my lunch break, during my commute or once I’m home for the day, I write that chapter!

Thanks for reading.

If you have any good tips for time management when it comes to reading and writing, please let me know!


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