To All the Writers Out There!

What is your favorite book you ever wrote?

Mine is Clash of Tides. It’s the first story I wrote about merman and mermaids. Clash of Tides is an extension of myself. Of my feelings about the world around me and how I felt trapped by my mother growing up. I think when we are younger, we all long for that freedom to break away from our parents and explore the world for ourselves.

Please comment and share your stories with me!


12 thoughts on “To All the Writers Out There!

  1. Such a lovely post…and, Clash of Tides….what a wonderful title…how imaginative you are…as for my favourite story I’ve written (I haven’t written any books yet), it’s a sentimental favourite…the first I remember writing…but, I can’t begin to remember the title…it was a billion years ago…and was about a girl (who was moving away) saying goodbye to cherished nature friends….”…goodbye babbling brook… “…


  2. I haven’t written a book yet. I am currently working on one though. I have written fanfictions that I love and will always love and still go back to. You all are lucky to have books out there. Hopefully I will be able to get one out as soon as I finish. 🙂 I signed up on Wattpad BTW. Thanks for the info!


  3. My name is ladypyrite. My favorite fanfictions that I have wrote in the past are based on The Phantom of the Opera. On my name is pyrite. They are the older ones and are down at the bottom. I am planning to post them on Wattpad though.

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