Those Jealous Days

So, I was on Wattpad today (which I shouldn’t be on), when I saw another author had updated her story. This said author almost has 1M reads. As I was looking at her profile, all I could feel was slight jealously. So many readers love her work. To give you more background, the other writer and I started posting our stories at the same time. However, I’m sure she already completed her story and was just posting the chapters. For me, I am still writing my story. It’s just amazing how in a year she has almost 1M reads and I only have about 60K. It’s depressing. I don’t want to be that author that’s jealous of a fellow writer, but damn, it’s hard not be.
Sigh… I feel like that dumb girl who’s just chasing a dream, a dream that will never come true.


4 thoughts on “Those Jealous Days

  1. Keep writing! Stop chasing the dream and start planning out steps to reach your goal! You’ve already got a good start, do research and find out exactly what you have to do to be published. You can do it!!!!!

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