Crafting Villains


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What makes a good Villain? When I write my villains, I think, someone you love to hate.

Two of my villains are:

Lucifer (Love for an Angel) – I believe this one speaks for itself.

Assan (Clash of Tides) –  Now, this is tricky. Assan isn’t really a villain, more a love interest. However, the story needed conflict. Assan capturing Elena and keeping her against her will is part of her conflict.

I will discuss each villain below:

Lucifer (Love for an Angel)

Everyone knows the story of Lucifer, but in my story, Lucifer is someone you love to hate and hate to love. He is the second love interest for Lana, and someone I want readers to connect with. It’s sounds strange wanting readers to connect with the devil, but I am trying to bring a new perspective to Lucifer’s character. We all know he rebelled against God, hates human etc. However, I wanted to show Lucifer in love. He struggles to be decent for Lana, but also staying true to his dark nature. I want readers to feel conflicted – to love to hate Lucifer, but also hate to love him. Like, you know he is evil, but he tries so hard for Lana. Lucifer does grotesque things in my story. Remember, he is the devil.

Assan (Clash of Tides)

As I said before, Assan is tricky. While Assan is Elena’s love interest, at first he does come off as abrasive. The readers don’t know or understand Assan’s reasons at the beginning of the story, but later on, I hope readers can connect with him. I feel like readers love and hate Assan. He is the hot, mysterious merman. Since the story is from Elena’s POV, you feel like Assan is only using her for his own selfish needs (which to a point, is true).

Both villains have their own desires and don’t care about others who keep them from their goals. They lack morals, but at the same time, they try to gain morals for those they love. For both men (lol more like a demon and a merman), struggle to balance out their darkness with their love. However, my stories are not love conquers at all,because I don’t believe that.

I don’t want to spoiler either story, so if you want to read them, click on the links below:

Clash of Tides – Chapter 1

Love for an Angel – Prologue



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