Writer-Reader Relationship


This topic has been on my mind for a while, something I’m glad I decided to discuss. It’s the writer-reader relationship. Over the weekend, I posted the second part to Chapter 16. Over the course of Sunday, I eagerly awaited getting my first comment about the chapter. In the latest chapter (Spoiler alert), I showed more of Leona’s hold on Elena, and how she uses mental games to control her. In the beginning, I wanted readers to hope for Elena, to think she would finally find her freedom, but given all the uncertainty she’s facing, nope! Doesn’t happen.  In the end, it’s the same cycle, and readers now have a better understanding of Elena’s life on land. Not only that, but the story has now been pushed along into the next arc. After planning that entire plot, I couldn’t wait to read what readers thought. I had a smile on my face, and my phone was next to me during the entire day.

However, all I got was disappointment. It was a depressing Sunday.

I also post my story to Fictionpress, and I got one review, which is actually really good for that website:

Cries* damm it! That woman’s good at mental abuse!

Love the update!

Even though the review was simple, the reader understood what I was trying to show this chapter. With renewed faith, I thought more comments would come, but nope =(

As an amateur author, I write stories to share with others. I want to bring readers into new worlds, to make them feel like they are walking along with my characters, side-by-side. When I don’t get comments or any feedback, it makes me feel like I’ve failed as a writer. Maybe some readers are shy, and I understand that. To any readers out there, if you enjoy an author’s story, please tell them. A simple comment can brighten the writer’s day, and they’ll forever appreciate your words.

My goal for Clash of Tides was to bring readers into a world filled with magic, merman and mermaids, and a bigger plot that I haven’t revealed yet.

If you are one of the 50 people who came to visit me from Wattpad, don’t hesitate to comment. Please know your comments mean a lot to me, and I want to know if every chapter leaves you wanting more.=)


7 thoughts on “Writer-Reader Relationship

  1. I do apologize that I haven’t yet made it to wattpad to read your story. I’ve had a migraine for over two weeks now. I am looking forward to reading your story. I didn’t want to delve into it until I am clear headed. Please forgive me.


    • Thanks, and that is so true. Many people want to read a good story, but rarely do they comment to the author or leave feedback. Oh well, I guess it’s the way of the publishing/writing world.


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