Taking My Writing to the Next Level and Updates

Last night, a close friend of mine told me she wanted to take her life back. As we were talking, I really thought about her words, “Take my life back.” Yesterday, I finally decided I’m going to submit my work to something. Whether it is a magazine, a website or newspaper, I want to start trying to get my work published.

Soon, I plan to start posting some short stories. I want to start off small, and then move my way up to querying for an agent.  I’m excited, but also scared to finally be submitting my work. I know I’ll get rejected, so I don’t have high hopes. Either way, it will be nice to see my pen name in print =)

Also, I plan to update Clash of Tides this weekend!

|Chapter 17-Drenched| Part 1

I hope everyone will read it!


6 thoughts on “Taking My Writing to the Next Level and Updates

  1. Congratulations! I’m happy to hear you’re taking the leap. As a starting point, I think Medium has some great publications that would be well suited for you. Keep an eye put for beginning publications, whether blogs or online magazines. Usually to start with, they’re just trying to find content, and by getting in early, you will grow with them.

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  2. I have really wondered when you were going to try this, I really am glad you will take this huge jump, hopefully a story of yours gets published. Let us know if one does get published, I will be looking forward to getting a personal copy!


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