Clash of Tides Characters

If you are one of my readers for Clash of Tides, then you know I love getting artwork of my characters. Recently, I decided to get new pictures of Assan done using a different artists.

Assan was, and always is supposed to have that soft, very masculine look to him. However, I wanted to see a version of him slightly more muscular during combat. If you want to see what the artists came up with, please check out my Clash of Tides character page <Clash of Tides – Characters>.

In addition to Assan, I will also be getting pictures of Elena and Seidon done! I’m very excited to bring Elena to life and I hope you are excited too.

Eventually, I plan to get a world map done and post some pictures of the Love for an Angel characters.

I hope you like the new picture of Assan, and Clash of Tides, Chapter 17 Part 1, will be posted soon!

Question for my readers, what picture of Assan do you prefer? Oh, and don’t forget, I have more pictures coming 🙂

Thanks for supporting me and reading the story on my blog!



11 thoughts on “Clash of Tides Characters

  1. As an aspiring writer I always wished I also had the skill to draw. Drawing characters that I see always seemed so great and I wish I could describe them to someone and have them made up like yours. World maps are fun. I keep working on mine. It has gone through three revisions since the beginning of my story. Good luck with your drawings of your characters. Maybe I’ll pick up your book soon.

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    • Sorry I missed your comment and thanks 🙂 I always try to get drawings of my characters for my readers. And oh God, yes, I wish I could draw, too! It would save me a lot of money lol Oh, if you start reading Clash of Tides let me know. I hope you like it.


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