Inspiration Part 2


Note: This post may contain errors. I’m writing this on my phone.

For the past two days, I’ve been away on a mini weekend vacation. Thefore, that is the reason I haven’t been posting lately. Saturday I went to Disneyland and I gained a burst of inspiration. Strange, right? You’re probably wondering how Disneyland inspired me if I’m not writing a children’s book. Well, for those of you who have read or are reading Clash of Tides, you know it takes place in a 1800th century English time period. When I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and The Haunted Mansion, ideas hit me like a thunderbolt. The decor of the rides and the feeling of the fog above the water, made me want to post a new chapter.

Even the Finding Nemo ride, which by the way took place underwater, inspired me to write some new scenes for Clash of Tides. I know those of who are reading the story love the underwater world and miss reading about it.

I do plan to have Elena return to the undersea world soon and I’ve been inspred to write new content. Ah, nothing like being underwater and looking at a coral reef for inspiration. As another commenter said before, inspiration can be found anywhere. =)

Oh, and Chapter 17 part 1 will be posted today. I’m almost back home and the chapter has been written!

What surprising event has inspired you recently?



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