|Chapter 17-Drenched| Part 1 Posted!

The chapter has been posted!

If you want to read it, please click here.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “|Chapter 17-Drenched| Part 1 Posted!

    • Really? I suppose it has that feel, I mean of the end coming. I can’t say you are wrong, but I can’t cover everything in just one book (hint hint) ๐Ÿ™‚ The undersea world with the merman, mermaids and Belua is like its own story. Ugh…not to mention what is happening with Seidon. I don’t think Seidon is going to give up so easily, do you? I’m sure if he knew what Elena was keeping from him, he would be royally pissed.

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      • I believe Seidon is just in the moment, after Elena arriving thinking she was dead he confesses feelings to her and himself, he’s not thinking too much of what it will take to be “free” from all problems. Heck, if they were to sail out in to the ocean they will just run in to Assan or even more secrets of the ocean.

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      • Ah, I do agree that Seidon isn’t looking at the bigger picture, but you’ll learn more of his subplot soon. If he was to leave with Elena and Joe, then yes, he would encounter my secrets of the ocean. In fact, that would be a book just in itself. lol thanks for talking about my story with me. You seem so invested in it.

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      • I can’t lie, ever since I found the story the first few days all I could beg for as I sat in my boring classes of the day, was to be released and able to read this story.

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      • Really? Wow, it makes me feel so happy to hear that. I’m happy the story was able to suck you in ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you still find the storyline interesting. I do a lot of things still planned out, so the story won’t be ending just yet. The problem is this story has so many questions. For example,

        The belua?
        The mermaids?
        The Governor?
        Assan’s past?
        The divide between the mermen and mermaids?
        The undersea war?

        And yeah, I still have so much to go. Of course, I want to show all the romance^^

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