Writing Websites – Platform Guide and Review (2)

To finish off my review of different writing websites, I decided to end it with this post. First, I’ll conclude my feelings about Wattpad and then end it with FictionPress.

As I said in my previous post, Wattpad is mostly for teen girls and young adults. If you write romance about werewolves, vampires, or teen fiction, you WILL get reads. Sorry, but it’s the reality of that website. However, if you want a good platform to post your stories and meet other writers, then Wattpad is a good place to start. Honestly, it’s a good beginners’ writing site, but once you get more serious, try to find something better.

Lastly, I will write about FictionPress. I have one word to describe FictionPress: dead. Like Tablo, FictionPress is a dead site with very little traffic. My stats for FictionPress are:

Clash of Tides 

Reads:  5,266

Reviews: 32

Favs: 14

Follows: 25

For a mostly low traffic website, those stats are good. I don’t know why, but readers like Clash of Tides. I still scratch my head trying to figure out the appeal, but oh well, my story makes people happy and I’m glad it does.

While I won’t say FictionPress is a bad site, it does have an old design. The format for the stories is easy to read but editing can be a pain.

Overall, I can’t say what the best writing website is. Each website has its own pros and cons, so it’s your decision on which site you would like to use.

After being on all those websites, I can say my least favorite was Wattpad. Strange, right? Most of my readers are from Wattpad. However, I feel like Wattpad promotes poor quality writing. It’s slightly bothersome knowing a published author’s book barely gets any reads, and an unpolished book with horrible grammar and spelling gets 1M reads.

What do you think the best writing website is?


5 thoughts on “Writing Websites – Platform Guide and Review (2)

  1. Honestly, I feel that wattpad was a waste of time. But then again I only shared the first chapter of my first book prior to its release. It was full of fan fiction with stolen photos used as cover art. If you’re wanting to share your book as a serial online, then perhaps just sharing it on WordPress is the way to go. If you don’t like that, maybe there’s a publication on Medium that likes to take on serial stories. My books were published officially to Smashwords, with a free ISBN. Then they are distributed to online retailers. But that came after the books were finished. I’ve been sharing Him, what will most likely end up as a novella, as a serial here and a blog called UInk where I am a contributor. (I’m on a bit of a hiatus due to the migraine), and I plan to publish it officially once it’s complete and edited.

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    • The website does have a lot of fanfiction with stolen photos as cover art. For now, I’m using WordPress to post my stories but it has been hard to get readers =( I’ll have to search other websites and see if I can something better. Once I finish the books, I’ll look into using Smashwords. Thanks, Sarah, you are always encouraging and helpful^^

      I hope you feel better. Migraines suck > <

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