Taboo Subjects in Writing

Has anyone ever written a story with a taboo subject? A lot of my journals focus on Clash of Tides, but today I want to talk about Love for an Angel.

By the title, you can tell Love for an Angel is about, well, angels. After growing up in a religious household, I got fascinated by the idea of angels and demons. Strange, right? I would think the opposite effect would happen.

However, since I loved the idea of angels, I wanted to write a story about one. Love for an Angel is a paranormal romance. In the story, Lucifer falls in love with an angel. That angel, Lana, cared for him as well. Before Lucifer fell, he wanted Lana to joy him on earth, but she refused. Now, Lucifer wants to return for her. You could say that is just the beginning. The story also explores more of hell and heaven’s politics.

Many readers have stated I’m writing a sensitive subject, but it’s one I want to explore. Lucifer is always seen as being evil, but instead of making him evil for the sake of evil, I wanted to show how he became that way.

If you are interested in reading the story, please click here!


Does anyone else write taboo subjects?


9 thoughts on “Taboo Subjects in Writing

  1. The novel I am currently working on is, I think, a taboo subject. Being gay in the army during that time could cause men to go to jail. I also write a lot of gay fanfictions. So I think that is a very touchy and taboo subject, though it is slowly gaining acceptance.

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    • Ah, I see what you mean. I used to be a member of the fanfiction community, and I know a lot of authors write gay fanfiction. However, I do know a lot of readers like those stories. You have to keep writing what you enjoy =) Sometimes I worry people will strike me down for writing about angels and demons, but I also have readers who love the story. It’s good to focus on the readers who enjoy our work than the ones who attack us.


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