Comments and Reviews

reviews I found this image on another blog and I thought it was worth sharing. Recently, I was on Wattpad discussing in a thread about getting noticed online. Online or offline, writers still want comments and feedback. Sometimes, I feel that readers don’t understand how important it is to tell an author you like their work. Letting the author know you like the story can lead to the following:

1. Encourage the writer to write

2.Help improve the story

3. Help the writer get published, which would make the story accessible to others.

So please, next time you find a story you enjoy, tell the author. I always try to promote reader-writer relationships, because after all, we need each other. A writer writes to share a story, and a reader reads to enjoy the world the writer created. Tell your author you appreciate them, and I’m sure it will bring a smile to their face. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Comments and Reviews

  1. Such a thoughtful and generous post…and, yes, it is wonderful to know that others have read and appreciated our offerings…I have yet to “like” a post without leaving a comment…I know how much feedback encourages me, and I am delighted to encourage others (and I don’t limit that to posts…I believe that encouragement and kindness lends itself to all facets of connection ) ) Thanks for sharing and for being so encouraging 🙂


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