The image above is how I feel today.

Writing a story can be frustrating, especially when people tell you how to write your story. One of my biggest pet peeves is dumbing down a story. I recently watched “Roots” over the weekend, and being a black woman, it was hard to watch, very hard. The accurate portrayal of what happened to black women was sad but it’s history, American history. If we want true stories of what happened to people in the past, we have to include those dark details. This is similar to Clash of Tides. I don’t want to rant here, but to all writers who brave writing accurate details in their stories, I admire you. It’s scary, and not easy, but you are writing the story you feel is best. One writer I admire is George R.R. Martin. I know he gets a lot of flak for his work, but his descriptions of the past and characters are what draw readers into his world.

In Clash of Tides, the time period is around 1800th century England. Elena is poor, is viewed as a black woman, and unfortunately, she is in prostitution. It’s history and was a reality for many women in that situation. I will not dumb down Elena’s story because her experiences make her stronger and grow as a person. A writer needs to write the story they wish to tell the best they can, so to writers out there, please, stick to your guns and write the story you want. Besides, what is the point of writing a story if we can’t show the message we want to tell?

To other writers and readers, how do you feel about this issue?

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18 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. I admire your courage….and, I love that you say you will “not dumb down your writing”….that kind of compromise is the death knell of creativity, originality, and authenticity as far as I’m concerned…the slippery slope that leads ever further from the “roots” of writing desire and story-telling. It’s awesome that you are staying true to you passion/calling and that you are encouraging others to do the same 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Bringing a little reality to a character makes them more relatable and believeable. Stick with what your intincts tell you to do. When you get to the editing stage, you make the choice then on how much you write, and how much you leave to the readers imagination. Be brave, be bold, and write your story. Good luck👍

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    • Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I will follow my intincts and write the story I feel is best. I agree, reality helps make the story more believable and draws the reader in.


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