Confidence in Being a Writer


While I was driving today and thinking to myself, I started musing about confidence. I was never confident in my writing; in fact, I didn’t get confidence in my abilities until I started Clash of Tides. When readers told how much they liked Clash of Tides and Assan’s character, I was overwhelmed with happiness. However, after comparing myself to other stories and author profiles on various writing sites, I realized my newfound confidence was stupid.

The reality was, and still is, I’m not a good writer. If I was a good writer, I would have more reads for my work. Honestly, I wonder when my confidence will return. For now, I’ll wait and see if good fortune will discover me.

I’m curious, to the other writers out there, are you confident in your writing? As a writer, what keeps you going?


7 thoughts on “Confidence in Being a Writer

  1. I’ve found that confidence is something we all struggle with. The key is to fake it. Present yourself as if you’re professional. You’re a writer, not an aspiring writer. You’re writing a book, not some fan fiction. I constantly second guess myself but I don’t really show it. One thing my husband reminds me is this: think back a month, or six months, or even a year, and consider what your goals were? What did you consider successful for you at that time? When I wrote Just Breathe, it was my first book, at least the first I ever completed. When I edited, did beta tests, edited it again, and it was time to publish, I thought, I’d be lucky to reach two hundred people. Here I am, a year and a half later. Three novels, two novellas, a poetry chapbook, (and more books written in various stages of editing with more cooking in my brain) with thousands of downloads high reviews for each book. I never thought I’d be where I am today, but I still crave that next step, and I often wonder and question myself, of whether or not I’ll make it there. But you know what? I always do, eventually. I’m sure if you look back and think about it, you’ve come a long way.


  2. It’s called Writer’s Whiplash, I’ve written about it myself on my blog. We are our own worst inner critics–fickle little beings who jump from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I don’t think that a number of reviews or sales equal the ability of a writer. Even best sellers that sell millions often are plagued with “loved the story, hated the writing” reviews (think 50 Shades of Grey). Selling books and finding readers is tough for any writer, both new and seasoned. Breakout stories like JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer aren’t common, even though we are led to believe that they are. The only thing to do is to try to silence your inner voice and keep writing.

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  3. It’s not probably that you’re not a good writer. It’s most likely that you don’t realize like many authors that you have to promote your writing. Many people think that they don’t have to do any promoting. Someone will read my writing and they will like it and then I’ll get famous. It just doesn’t work that way authors have to cross promote. Right for other blogs become a guest writer invite other bloggers to gassed right for your blog. Increase your real estate on the Internet. Use other services like Twitter or Facebook or Google plus to cross promote your writing and give your writing more real estate on the Internet. The term for this is called an author platform. Read articles about creating an author platform on the Internet then take steps to build and broaden your platform. Pretend that you’re building your platform for an earthquake 10 on the Richter scale. It takes time to develop an author platform and it takes time to build our readership. Don’t despair stick with it keep writing if you do think that you’re writing is not good joint to critique circle and use the help end guidance from the other members to improve your writing. Then critique other people’s writing see what doesn’t work in their writing and then look for those problems in your writing and fix them. I know that there are typos in this message I’m being lazy today I let Siri write this message for me so you can blame her!

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