Assan, Clash of Tides

Assan Quote

Another quote from Clash of Tides. This is actually one of my favorite quotes. When I originally wrote this, I didn’t even think of the sea, see part. Also, I’m working on creating graphics for my own stories, so this one was also for practice. Hopefully, my next ones will be cleaner and clear 😀

To my fellow writers, what are some favorite quotes from YOUR books?


2 thoughts on “Assan, Clash of Tides

  1. So, in terms of my books, I have tons of particular quotes and sections I love. In Just Breathe, I really like the way Aisling starts to show her bad ass side. In Focus, I like the dark, grim beginning and the peppering of comic relief. For Home, I laugh out loud every time I envision Liam telling Angela that having sex with Salvatore (a werewolf) sounded like she was being mauled by a bear.😊


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