Dreams (Returned)


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I want to clarify that my break from social media was only for a few days. I never stopped writing or creating graphics, I just wanted a break from the internet. As expected, during my break, my blog and chapters barely got any views. Actually, I’m quite surprised. I don’t really know if some readers, or most readers, are from Wattpad or WordPress. If I do have readers on WordPress, then thank you to everyone who has been reading my stories.

To continue, I wanted to write about dreams and goals today. Last night, I started thinking about time. Time is something we never get back. Is doing all this writing and promoting really worth my time? Will anything come of it? Yes, I love to write and create new worlds, but I also know that writing has little to no rewards. Am I fool? I wonder, to think I can actually get somewhere with writing. I mulled over that thought, and I still don’t have the answer to it.

Many of us have dreams and goals of what we would like to be or do, and many, many of us will never accomplish it. Next year, I plan to query Clash of Tides to an agent. However, I’m counting on it getting rejected.

Is losing time worth going for our goals, even if we know they’ll be no payoff?



4 thoughts on “Dreams (Returned)

  1. You should go for it! Read up on common mistakes writers make when sending to agents and things that cause novels to be rejected. But don’t not try because lack of time. Pursue because we don’t have much time in the world and chase your dreams.

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  2. I would urge you never to give up….I understand that it can be daunting–and how hollow it can feel to feel that you are lost in a crowd…but, your time will come….you obviously have a passion for writing…not for rejection….that makes total sense, but try to focus on the positives…you definitely have talent 🙂

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