Choosing a manuscript for Submission

Earlier, I met up with my friend who is also a writer. As we were sitting at the ferry building in San Francisco and looking at the Bay Bridge, we exchanged our future story ideas.

Out of the books I wrote or I’m planning to write, I think only a few have a chance at traditional publication. Currently, these are my stories:

  1. Clash of Tides
  2. Love for an Angel
  3. 9/Nine Realms
  4. Spoiled Rich Girl (Title subject to change).

While I do want to publish Clash of Tides, I don’t know if an agent would be interested in the book. It’s rare to find a book about a merman as the main protagonist, and even rarer to have a black woman as the main female lead. However, I am still going to try and see what happens.

I think Love for an Angel’s fate speaks for itself. I have no idea if that book is publishable, or if people would really want to read it. Honestly, I think the best story I’ve written so far is 9/Nine Realms. I’ll probably talk about 9/Nine Realms in another blog post for those who are interested. Anyway, I don’t want to get too off topic. The point I want to make is you can submit many books for publication. If one manuscript doesn’t seem up to par but another does, then try that manuscript. I’m not going to limit myself to one story or genre, and neither should other writers. Now, I need to get back to writing Love for an Angel.


10 thoughts on “Choosing a manuscript for Submission

    • I plan to write about 9/Nine Realms in another blog post. It’s a story I haven’t worked on for a while though. Once Clash of Tides is done, I plan to pick up 9/Nine Realms again 🙂

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  1. I believe author Holly Kelly with Clean Teen Publishing has a merman hero. Or he’s some sort of sea creature. You might find that since it’s so different the interest could be the opposite. Agents and publishers LOVE different. My historical romance set during the Salem Witch Trials was sought after because there are so little novels like it on the market. A romance during such a time in history isn’t touched on hardly at all. You might be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    I have to caution you, though, on putting all your work online. No agent or publisher will touch a book that’s been published online (Wattpad or Smashwords) or on a website for free. So if you plan to submit it, I would take it off any site you have it on. It’s a liability since it’s already been read by readers and hasn’t been edited by their trusted editors. I learned this while at a writer’s conference from a panel of agents, publishers, and editors.

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    • Thank you so much for commenting on my post! That’s true – I have heard publishers like unique stories, so I’m not sure really if Clash of Tides has a chance or not. Your book sounds interesting! One of my favorite periods of history is the Salem Witch Trails. I have heard publishers don’t like manuscripts that have been published online first. Once I’m actually ready to query Clash of Tides, I will be taking it offline. Thanks for the advice and support!

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  2. I would love to hear about 9/Nine Realms!!

    I think that Clash of Tides is one of your best works yet. Love for an Angel has lots of promise but I think it could use a little more development before it goes to publishing.

    One of the biggest things that drew me into Clash of Tides was the fact that your lead was black! To have a fantasy story with a black heroine, set in the time period you’ve written it in… that’s very different, and as such it’s unique. It really drew me in, and I don’t have any hesitation that it would attract a publishing company. Plus you’re a really talented writer, which is always helpful.

    You might want to consider giving it a good edit first though, and it might even pay to have the story finished. Publishers like that. But I would definitely give Clash of Tides a go, and if you do get it published that will immediately open doors for your other novels. Think of it as your golden ticket.

    If you’d like any help with any of this you can always ask me. I’ve been through it, so I can help you write a strong cover letter for an agent and help tweak your manuscript so it’s ready to go, if you decide to give it a shot. 🙂

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  3. lol I actually had 9/Nine Realms posted on Wattpad at one point. Thanks! A lot of people like Clash of Tides, and I don’t know why. Yes, Love for an Angel does need more development. In many ways, I planned out Clash of Tides better than LFAA.

    Thanks! I wanted to do something different and not many stories focus on black female leads. I hope an agent looks it. It would be my dream to see Clash of Tides published. You published a book before? When? And what books did you publish? Clash of Tides needs a major edit and a rewrite.

    Thanks so much for this comment! I’m so happy you liked Clash of Tides 🙂


    • I almost published. I submitted Lanterns in the Sky to a publisher, and it was accepted, but they went bankrupt before the book made it to shelves.

      But as such, I went through the process of writing queries and submission letters, formatting the manuscript, and working with an editor. So if you want to know more or need help with anything you can ask me. 🙂

      I think like is an understatement. I loveeee Clash of Tides!

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      • That’s unfortunate, but at least you got accepted by a publisher 😀 How did you go about that process? Did you hire an editor? Once I finish Clash of Tides this year, I want to get some beta-readers and hire an editor. You are so kind^^ I’m happy you love Clash of Tides. It’s funny, when I first started writing Clash of Tides, I never thought that story would be popular or get a lot of readers. I mostly wanted to write a story about a merman, because there is very few of them on the market. Thanks for responding to me!


  4. I had my English teacher look over it for me and some trusted friends before I sent it off. I looked up the general layout of a manuscript to send it off properly.

    When submitting to publishing houses, you must check their submissions page on their website. They will ask for different things: a query letter, the whole manuscript, part of a manuscript, a shot bio about yourself, a complete summary of the book, a shorter summary, etc. It depends so you just have to read over them.

    Some will only accept submissions on certain days. Some will only accept a few times a month or a few times a year, and some do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. To solicit a manuscript you must contact an agent.

    Also make sure you check that the publisher is legit. If they promote their service more than their books this is suspicious. If they ask you for ANY money in the contract, they are suspicious. You should not be paying them money. They will always be paying you money and taking a percentage only.

    Now, to get an agent is a good idea. You basically have to pitch your book to them exactly the same way you would pitch to a publisher. Once they accept you, they will contact companies for you, and your range of choices is widened because they can access a lot more. HOWEVER, they will take a percentage of royalty too, so you will also lose a little profit from this. I would do it as a last resort only.

    I received a contract which I had a lawyer look over before signing just to make sure. A first contract will not be as good as your second or third but as long as it’s a fair payment it’s fine.

    My editor was lovely and she liked to work on weekly deadlines. I had a full time job and i don’t work well under pressure so this was actually very difficult for me to edit pages and pages of notes in a week only. It’s one of the reasons I decided to self-publish. I like being in control of my own deadlines. There are many other things I want to do with life too, so this is beneficial for me.

    Self-Publishing Ryan Rupert was different. I got an editor to check over it for me before I did anything else with it, which I found very helpful.


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