Mixing Genres


(gif not owned by me, I simply added the text)

Today I worked on the above gif. Basically, all I did was add text to it. The line in the gif is a quote from Love for an Angel. When Lucifer sees Lana again in heaven, he tells her how much he has waited to see her again.

As I said before, Love for an Angel is a paranormal romance. However, I do plan on mixing genres during part 2 of the book. Part 2 is called hell; hence, Lana will be there. This will give the readers some insight into hell and Lucifer’s plan. When I speak of mixing genres, I want to add a horror element to hell, similar to Hellraiser or Dante’s Inferno. Even though my book is a paranormal romance, it wouldn’t be true to my vision of hell for it to be a safe place for Lana.

Lana is still an angel, and even though Lucifer loves her, it’s more twisted love than genuine love. Whew, I hope that makes sense. Growing up, I was always a fan of Stephen King’s work, so I’m excited to finally be writing my own version of horror. I do wonder how my readers will feel about the horror mixed in with romance, but I hope they like it and understand what I’m going for.

To my fellow writers, have you ever mixed genres in your writing?


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