Somehow I reached 100 followers today. I don’t know how or why, but thanks so much for following me =)

I feel a lot of my blogs are useless ramblings; however, I am happy if they inspire or encourage others to share their thoughts about writing. Being a writer isn’t easy, and I’m sure if you read my blog, you know I have a lot of days where I want to quit. Unfortunately, as a human being, I have hopes and dreams that are hard for me to give up on.

As I said before, thanks to everyone who follows me, reads my work and takes the time to comment. Without your support, I wouldn’t still be on WordPress. I left Wattpad behind for good, but WordPress is slowly starting to feel like my new writing home^^

I have a lot of topics I want to cover in this blog, some of them include:

Anime – Anime has inspired a lot of my writing, so I would like to write some post about my favorite series.

Paranormal – I am a big paranormal lover. I don’t mean werewolves or vampires, I mean like angels and demons. Haunting and possessions. Think movies like the Conjuring, that stuff. I recently saw the second one and it creeped me out.

Writing Progress – Going forward, I would like to post the progress I am making. Even if it’s just simple post like my word count.

Lastly, guest blogs! I would like to interview some authors on WordPress and share their story with other readers.




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    • Thanks, and yeah, it’s funny how that happens, right? Anime has such great, unique story telling. I was supposed to be writing this weekend, but I got sucked into a good anime.

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