This subject may be too deep for this blog, but lately, I’ve been questioning why I am here. Many people believe things happen for a reason – that everyone plays a role in life, however, I wonder if that is true. There are many homeless people who suffer, many children who go unfed, and well, you know about humanity. A part of me wants to write a story about one finding a purpose for their life. I know many stories have been done about that before, but I would take my story a step further.

I want to expand their search for the truth through the paranormal. Now, this may sound crazy, but growing up I always wished I could speak with ghosts or anything on the other side. If everything happens for a reason, then there is a reason why ghost, demons and angels exist. Even if you are not a believer, there are many documented cases of paranormal activity.

This new story would be about one paranormal investigator’s search for their purposes, to learn about the mysteries of life. I haven’t decided on a title for the book yet, but I’m very excited to write it. I feel like this story is going to be close to my heart because I’ll be sharing a piece of my own desires with my readers.

My view on writing is still pessimistic in regards to being successful one day, but what writer who has that need to write stops writing? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Life

  1. Sounds like a pretty fascinating story. And yes, nothing can really stop a writer from writing whatever grips his/her mind, so I hear you there. I too have been thinking about purpose, especially with all the horrible things happening one after the other lately. What’s the meaning of it all? Why? Why? I hope you can find some answers.

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  2. Yes. A lot of bad things been happening lately. Someone was killed on a street over from my work yesterday. I saw twenty cop cars, a helicopter and a lot of scared or curious people. Finding life’s purpose is one of the reasons why I like to write so I get the need to write about it.

    You have a great idea for your next novel. Also, you may like “The Mediator Series” by Meg Cabot. I read those books in high school and I loved the ghosts aspect.

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  3. I’m excited about this new upcoming story of yours. I understand your question too, I wonder it almost all of the time. Not in a suicidal way, I just wonder why everything was created, was it just science, or was there a true reason behind it with someone behind the creation.

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    • I wonder about those questions all the time! My new story will have a lot of my own feelings on the subject. I am very excited to write it^^ Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

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