Writing Progress – Love for an Angel


Here is the second blog post for today! Recently, I’ve been playing an otome game called Hakuoki and watching the anime. Both the game and anime are awesome! Saito (sexy samurai) is a man after my own heart and has greatly inspired my writing. Both Assan (Clash of Tides) and Uriel (Love for an Angel) have Saito’s quiet, brooding personality. As I was playing the game and watching the anime, I kept thinking about how inspiration can come from many places.

Usually, I read for an hour every day, but thanks to Hakuoki, I’ve been watching the anime and replaying the game. The actual writing for the game wasn’t bad, and some of the metaphors were awesome. As I was reading the text in the game, I kept thinking how I could improve my own writing and character development. Even though I haven’t been reading and writing as much, I still feel like I’m getting inspiration for my stories.

Love for an Angel chapter 13 is still in the works, but I’m hoping to have the chapter complete this week. Here is some more progress I made:

Without wasting time, he flapped his wings, flying towards the entrance of the cave. Once outside, he saw Lucifer’s deranged form – back tresses blowing in the wind and ebony wings dug into the earth – and quickly averted his eyes. 

“You have fallen, Lucifer, you are the opposite of an angel…you are a-demon.” His voice was low and he beat his feathers against one another, catching the wind.

Another inhuman scream echoed from Lucifer’s form, like the beast of the fields were crying out in unison, not stopping.

“I will not let you take her from me!” Lucifer quickly retracted his wings, striking all three at Uriel. Uriel flared his nostrils and narrowed his eyes. He flashed away, reappearing above Lucifer’s deformed creation.

My goal for the chapter is 3,000 words. Right now I’m at 520 > < Tomorrow I plan to get some decent writing done.


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