Often I tell people all I need is good music and a peaceful atmosphere to get lost in my own fantasy world and thoughts. Maybe it’s the writer in me, and I don’t know what other writers think, but I need to daydream. In a way, our characters are always with us. In order to write my characters, I need to view them like real people – people who I can talk to and have conversations with. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m hoping my fellow writers understand. If you want to write realistic characters, you need to see them as real people.

When I daydream, I see my world vividly, almost as if I can touch it. I want to bring that feeling to my readers. As they read my stories, the world I see is also the world they see. When people read my characters, I want them viewed like real people you can relate to; I want my characters to uplift my readers, helping to bring them to new worlds.

Do any other writers feel this way? =) I would hope so.


11 thoughts on “Daydreams

  1. Oh, yes, yes, yes. I definitely feel this way. SometimesI sit down in a park or in my chair and just daydream. I let my characters come to life, talk to me, and go about their business. Other times I become my characters and talk aloud the very words they say and then write them down in my notebook. I perform their expressions and gestures. I try to pinpoint the exact feelings they have. If it’s crazy, well, it comes with being a writer and I don’t mind. :)))

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    • Yeah,

      my best friend, when she was helping me edit my novel, she would act things out and let me know if it makes sense. For instance when one of my characters was pushed against the wall. Did she hit her head or back first? What emotions? Stuff like that? After she did that, I started acting out what my characters did to understand if the motions make sense. Sadly that novel is not published yet because it’s crime fiction and therefore difficult to write.

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    • Yes! It’s a great feeling imagining my characters talking to me and getting a sense of their personality. lol I do the same thing – acting out their expressions and gestures. Yes, it comes with being a writer 🙂


  2. Everything that’s been said here, plus, the other and rather easy way for our characters to have a certain “realness” is for them to contain certain aspects of ourselves within them. Infuse them with ’emotional truth’ — even if it’s not the “real” us, we can dream up idealized versions of ourselves to serve any (well, most) personas. Essentially as writers and storytellers we become the versatile character actors. Not always — some fiction we tell from a distance, but the stuff we tell from a place a little closer we often find ourselves inhabiting those characters so that we are more able to inhabit the story also 🙂

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  3. Ah, yes, daydreaming about my characters and their world is a favorite hobby of mine. 😀 The fact that I still ‘play pretend’ at my age is sometimes not understood by others, but its too much fun! And I can always just say its for my writing, ‘getting into character’ you could say. 🙂 I think daydreaming is an important part of being an writer.

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  4. That’s really interesting, I write every chance I get and I love having time to think about my story. Though music will normally get me distracted in the lyrics, and next thing I know I’m singing along. Anyhow, I know how you feel us writers/readers want characters to relate to, I get my inspirations from the ones around me, building characters out of bits from the people I see or know.

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