What happens when you dream at night?

This may sound strange, or a little odd, but I want to know what happens when you dream? Almost every night, I remember my dreams. When I was little and even now, my dreams help me write. How you wonder? Because I remember the plots, images, and feeling of my dreams. I’ve noticed my mind has a tendency to dream about whatever I read or watched the last hour before going to sleep.

For example, last night, I was reading stories about demonic possession (strange, I know). Therefore, guess what I dreamed about, demonic possession. Since I’m a fan of horror movies, this came as no surprise to me. In my dream, three entities were trying to get me. The curious thing is one of those entities has been in my dreams before. It’s hard to say whether it’s truly my mind or something else. For the point of this post, let’s just say it’s my dream.

The feeling of fear, running and trying to expel the demon was very real. Even the details of the demon I can remember fully. Why am I bringing this up? Simply because it helps my writing. With my new book (unless I actually try, you know, expelling demons from someone’s house) I got a glimpse of what my main character will feel.

For those who read Clash of Tides, I also had a similar experience. In my dream, I remember being taken under the water, and seeing my own character, Assan. Dreams are an interesting thing. In my dreams, I can fly, control my powers, and go on quests. Maybe it’s my writer’s mind, who knows. In my dreams, I’m like the characters in my stories, and I understand their journey more because I’m playing their role. Perhaps I should sleep more often 😀

What are your dreams about? Do you ever dream about your characters?


10 thoughts on “What happens when you dream at night?

  1. I have the same thing. It’s great to hear that someone has the same occurrences happening while they dream, because people think I’m strange. Honestly, Dem’rick’s story is from a dream I had 5 years ago and another story, Lyric’s (name yet to be determined) is also from a dream. Both I can remember so clearly in my head and both their plots.
    Sometimes I wake up in terror, and I HATE horror stuff, so good for you because I cannot cross that rode, and wish I didn’t remember the dream I had.

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      • Sometimes I become aware that I’m dreaming and can control everything in the dream. I’ve even dreamed of meeting people I’ve never met before in my life and a couple of days later I see that person in the mall or walking down the street. It’s happened numerous times, I can’t explain it. I’ve had many fantastic dreams about different worlds, creatures and things I can’t explain.

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      • Your dreams really do sound like mine. I find it interesting how in our dreams things seem so different compared to that of real life. It’s almost like a different world in itself.

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