Play about being a writer

Yesterday I was getting ready for a concert when I thought of an amazing idea. Most, if not all of the writing advice I read online and in books say, “write something outside of your comfort zone.”

That really got me thinking. So as I was downstairs getting dressed in my semi-gothic outfit for the Friday night concert, I thought, “I should write a play about a writer, or even a musical!”

The sparks of imagination flew and I started singing the following,

“Everyone says grow up, forget about being a writer, it’s time to leave childish things behind, so sometimes I wonder, should I really give up? Or should I keep following my dream!”

The next thing I knew, I came up with a whole plot and songs for my play. The story would follow a 31-year-old black female as she struggles with adulthood and following her dream. We watch her repetitive life of walking up every day, going to work, and then going home. When the main character is writing, those scenes would show like you are the author’s world, and the characters would act out the story in the play.

For example, if the writer is sitting down at her computer typing, she would fade to black, barely lite by the lights. Then the actors portraying her story would come on stage. I don’t want to make this post too long, but overall the story would be about:

A writer’s journey – balancing out adult life, writing and submitting her book for publication.

I wonder if this play/musical would actually do well? I plan to use jokes involving social media and trying to get readers online 😀 I think a lot of writers can relate to that.

Anyway, just another random project I want to work on. Also, I’ve hit over 4,000 views on my blog! Thanks for the support 🙂


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