Writers Organizations

I want to join an organization for writers, but I don’t know which one is good for writers who are starting out. Does anyone know?


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  1. Honestly, it just depends on your preference. Sometimes people think it’s prestigious to be a part of any or a select few groups, but I’ve seen that isn’t the case. Those organizations may seem elite because those writers often pay quite a bit of money to be a part of them. I haven’t joined any official organizations, only joining publications that I feel are a good fit for me.

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    • Thanks for responding to me^^ And ah, I can see someone thinking like that. For me, I want to join an organization so I can start going to events and network. I’ll also look into joining some publications.

      I have not doubt that someone would act stuck up about being part of an organization.

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      • I literally just had a conversation with a yet-to-be-published author. He was saying his book was being reviewed by RH Penguin and that he at least hoped for editing notes that he could give to his editor who coincidentally was also at one point Stephen King’s editor. He felt the need to point all those things out, without telling me much about his book. That’s the kind of thing I try to avoid. I don’t want to go around dropping names and raising my reputation off those names. Social media is a great way to network. Events typically aren’t limited to members of a particular group. Depending on where you live, consider checking out local organizations and libraries. See if you can’t get involved that way. Maybe hold some writing workshops or attend some. You’d be surprised how many if those are going on around you.

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      • Absolutely agree with this response. Local colleges, libraries, book stores (especially those mom and pop bookstores), typically have some solid resources for writers groups and things of the like. I always feel more comfortable going to a hole in the wall bookstore to ask for information – they always seem to be plugged into the local scene. Also coffee shops (which seem to be magnets for up-and-comers) sometimes have bulletin boards with information.

        My only addition would be to get a feel for the group you sink into. Sometimes writers groups and organizations can be full of really pretentious blow-hard’s. If you are experiencing this it’s important to realize not all groups and organization are this way and it never hurts to shop around.

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      • Thanks so much for responding to me! Ugh, I am so tired of dealing with pretentious writers. I dealt with nothing but pretentious writers on Wattpad. I’ll definitely look into local events and hey, maybe I can blog about some of them 🙂

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      • Good luck! I imagine you would get some traffic chronicling your adventure of finding the perfect group.


      • Thanks, Sarah =) And that does sound annoying. That is the same kind attitude writers had on Wattpad. I’ll look into local events around my area 🙂 I totally agree with you. I don’t like boasting about myself either or branching off someone else’s fandom.

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  3. Most online groups cost money to join. I believe Word Press book bloggers are best. Well and at blog spot. Most bloggers would post interesting information. I did hear that some bookstores have book clubs which you can join and see about meeting people and see if they go to other events.


  4. I was talking to another blogger and shared some links with him. Here are those links:


    http://pred-ed.com/pealc.ht – this is very important and I went through the entire list. You can find good and bad agents and check out their websites to find out what they are looking for. One can learn a lot.

    Maybe helpful to you.

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