So You Want to Write a Story


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One of my readers keeps messaging me for advice, so I figured I would write this blog about starting a story for the first time.

I’m actually going to call this, “How to write a story series.” I’m only going to touch on each point in its own blog post. I don’t want to overwhelm new writers with too much information, and for you experienced writers, please feel free to add or correct my advice.

Today we’re going to start with passion and theme. When I learned to write fiction, these were the first topics we covered.

Passion – What are you passionate about?

For example, in Clash of Tides, I wanted to bring more awareness about black woman and their lives. Therefore, that was my passion for the book. Then, I had an idea of what I wanted the story to be about: the life of a black woman.

Theme – What do you want to focus on?

Next, I needed a theme. The theme I came up with was struggling in a world where you were mostly looked at for the color of your skin, and you needed to survive.

Overall, my story was developing into a black woman who was judged by the color of her skin and needed to survive.

Of course, I have many subplots and themes for my story, but this was my main focus. For those of you who asked me for writing advice, please start with this information.

I want you to answer the following questions:

What are you passionate about?


Teen pregnancy

Finding love for the first time

Becoming your own person

What do you want to focus on?


Overcoming impossible odds

Fighting for survival

You could come up with – Finding love in a time of impossible odds, or, dealing with teen pregnancy and becoming your own person.

I know most of these have been done before, but see how you can put a spin on a cliché or your own story.

Leave me your answers in the comments 😀


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