Love for an Angel – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Farewell

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


 Lucifer’s dark power coursed through his body, causing him unbearable pain. However, Uriel wouldn’t strain – he knew his goal, his intent to save Lana. He gripped the ebony feather, tighter, and harder, not letting go.

He groaned, as the corrupted energy split into tentacle-like shapes and wrapped around his arm.

“Lana,” he growled out, baring his teeth. Uriel jerked, pulling his arm back with his fingers wrapped around the soft feather. As he screamed out, he fought against the stuck piece of Lucifer’s wing. Black and white aura mixed together, colliding. The barrier surrounding Lana’s body glowed, burning with an intense black light until it expanded, filling the cave.

A burst of power – angelic and dark, white and darkness – encircled the cave, nearly knocking Uriel back. His gripped loosened, releasing his hold on the feather. Quickly, he lifted his wings over his form, creating a shield.

He tightened his jaw. The noise around him was like thunder, crackling and crashing about. Dust and dirt whipped in the air; once everything settled, he slowly lowered his wings. The black barrier around Lana had dispersed. From outside, he heard a loud, inhuman growl, like an untamed beast.

Without wasting time, he ran up to Lana, catching her in his arms before she fell.

Discomfort still throbbed in his body, but relief washed over him. Lana, you begged Lucifer to forget his rage, he thought, while staring at her.

He cradled her in his arms, pressing her against his chest. Strads of silver-black hair feel across her face; as he held her, she felt light, not moving. Uriel wondered what Lucifer had done to her, and if she could recover. However, this was not the time to think about such things. If something was amiss, surly his brothers would know.

The ground beneath Uriel’s feet shook with a violent rage. Various size rocks rained down from the ceiling, but Uriel dodged them with ease.

“Lucifer.” Uriel snarled, holding Lana close to his torso and flaring out his wings.

I have to return, this battle won’t be won today. Why-Why did father make Lucifer so powerful? He wanted to understand, to figure out why Lucifer was so powerful compared to his fellow archangels. Something confused Uriel, but his thoughts were too jumbled from the wave of battle.

Without wasting time, he flapped his wings, flying towards the entrance of the cave. Once outside, he saw Lucifer’s deranged form – back tresses blowing in the wind and ebony wings dug into the earth – and quickly averted his eyes.

“You have fallen, Lucifer, what creation are you now?” His voice was low and he beat his feathers against one another, catching wind.

Another inhuman scream echoed from Lucifer’s form, like the beast of the fields were crying out in unison, not stopping.

“I will not let you take her from me!” Lucifer quickly retracted his wings, striking all three at Uriel. Uriel flared his nostrils and narrowed his eyes. He flashed away, reappearing above Lucifer’s deformed creation.

…I know, it’s not a full chapter. I’m still finishing this now but at least I got this far =(


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