Young Adult Clichés

This weekend I decided to relax a bit and watch TV. Now, I’m not too fond of TV, but when I find a good show or movie, I enjoy the visual entrainment. From the title of this blog post, I’m sure you already have an idea of what I’m going to discuss.

That’s right, Young Adult Clichés!!!

Personally, I like young adult books, but the standard storylines are starting to bore me. With my free time, I watched The Maze Runner.

Yes, you read that right, The Maze Runner. I started the book a while ago, but I never got a chance to finish it. And after watching the movie, I’m glad I made the right decision. This movie had every young adult cliché I’ve seen.

  1. The chosen one – or so it seems
  2. The mysterious girl who is the love interest
  3. The young kid who looks up to the protagonist
  4. The one kid in the group that doesn’t like the protagonist
  5. The wise person of the group who tells the protagonist they are different
  6. The evil, older adults – (all adults are evil, well not all, just most)
  7. The sidekick who tells the protagonist they have to keep going
  8. The world has been destroyed or taken over by something
  9. The protagonist that figures out all the puzzles 

Alas, while I did enjoy the movie, I just couldn’t help but point out all these clichés. Honestly, I know young adult is a hot seller right now, but all these same plotlines are getting annoying. My only young adult book is 9/Nine Realms, and even then the characters are in their early 20s (different aging system).

I wish new adult books or adult books would pick up more popularity. Clash of Tides is a new adult book and one I’m hoping to publish one day. I know everything has been done before, but hopefully, somewhere, a writer out there is coming up with new ideas.

What are your thoughts on these cliches?


10 thoughts on “Young Adult Clichés

  1. I actually didn’t know that there was a category of “New Adult” until I started searching for bloggers who would review my book. I haven’t checked in bookstores either of that section and I agree, that should become popular. Actually a lot of book bloggers do prefer reading New Adult to Young Adult.

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  2. Not quite sure what new adult is, will have to look it up. But after my last encounter with a YA book series (Hunger Games…) I felt that I just could not see how anyone likes them. Guess it isnt for me.

    As far as the clichés go, yeah, they’re all the rage right now. I just tire of them I suppose, which is why i stick with other genres, like hard science fiction.

    Hopefully other genres start making a come-back. Could use a change of pace!

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  3. I agree completely! I steer clear of most current YA books because of their clichés. Ironic, considering I’ve been labeling most of my writings as Young Adult! Perhaps New Adult would be a much more suitable category.

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