Mixed Emotions

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When I first started Clash of Tides, I was hoping to get 100K reads in a year. Well, it didn’t happen. I wasn’t even close to getting 100K reads. And believe me, it wasn’t from a lack of trying. A year ago, around March 2015, I finally decided to work on my original stories. I did everything I could to promote my book – nice cover, interesting blurb and reviewed several stories for other writers.

Now, over a year later, Clash of Tides has finally reached 60K reads. Am I happy about it? Honestly, no, not really. Many writers couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy with the reads I got, especially considering how hard is to get them. I had a goal in a mind, and I failed to achieve that goal. Compared to the quality of stories on Wattpad and the readership, I felt and still do feel like a failure. If I can’t even get 100K reads on one little writing website, then clearly I’ll never sell a popular book in real life. So, I feel mixed emotions. I’m not happy, I’m not sad; I’m indifferent, almost to the point where I just don’t care anymore. I know it’s rare to be successful with one book, but darn it, I tried.

I guess my story didn’t catch on like those other ones. I guess I needed to add more sex :/ or maybe my sentence structure wasn’t simple enough. Who knows, honestly? I wanted to write a book that had a deeper meaning than just finding love with a merman and intercourse…sigh. I bet if I changed the story and made it all smut, my reads would skyrocket.


24 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. You finished your work and got it out there – it sets you apart from many other aspiring and struggling writers. While I don’t agree with being upset with 60k readers, I understand the feeling of not meeting your personal goals and am sorry. Take solace in the idea you have a finished work to reference if you ever attempted publishing in the future.

    On a purely capitalistic note, one of my friends who self published makes one dollar for every copy purchased and would crap kittens if he sold 60k copies.

    Bounce back – and whatever you do, write your stories, and not what you think the fickle mob wants to read. Their tastes are shifting every day.

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    • Thanks for responding to me. However, I didn’t finish the story yet, but I am proud of myself for getting the story out there. Being a writer isn’t easy. I hope your friend is able to sell more copies of his book.

      Yes, peoples taste shift so much. I am still wondering how 50 shades did so well.

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  2. As you know, by what you’ve written above, I’m pretty sure most writers would agree when I say that’s amazing number of views. So I’m going to say it anyway, despite your hardness on yourself, “CONGRATULATIONS”.
    As a reader of your work, I probably won’t be able to miraculously make you suddenly feel amazing but I think you’re doing a great job. Also while writing more smut may bring you tons of views, I don’t think I’d have as much respect for your writing. Your writing holds depth of feeling and an honesty other romances skim over. Other authors give away character depth in order to have more ‘hot moments’. Do you want tons of view or readers who love it for what you want it to be? You want to portray the feelings of that era and the honest heartbreaking decisions that Elena must make.
    Anyway I’ve babbled on enough, so take heart, and keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks, and yeah, I am hard on myself. I feel like if I’m not hard on myself, then I won’t accomplish my goals. Thanks so much, it makes me happy you find depth and honesty in my writing. Ah, I do agree that a lot of romance authors give away character depth for hot moments. Since Clash of Tides is part a fantasy romance, I do wonder if I lack romance in that book. I don’t like developing relationships too quickly, so I wanted to slow down want Elena and Assan have. True, I don’t want to sacrifice Elena’s resolve because it wouldn’t be true to the story or time period. Thanks for the encouragement^^ I’m glad you are enjoying the story. I need to finish reading your work.

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  3. Don’t sacrifice your story for the sake of finding more readers. That’s not being fair to yourself. This just means that Wattpad isn’t the right place for Clash Of Tides. You’ve seen the kinds of stories that make it big there. You know the tactics they use. For something like what you have, you need a more professional platform. A place where you can draw readers organically. When I set out to generate interest in my book, I put the first chapter on Wattpad. In the three months or so it was there, it had less than 100 reads and of the ten or so comments I had, there were several that tried to tell me they didn’t get it, or that I didn’t write “normal” for them. That’s how bad some of it is, and what they’re used to reading. Trust that your story is a good one. I published my books for free on Smashwords, with full distribution to online retailers. I’m now a Most Downloaded Author, and that’s an all time list. You just need to put your story where it will be appreciated.

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  4. Don’t beat yourself up. Your work is amazing. The books I have noticed that seems to gather popularity quickly are unfortunately the cliché books- the books written with poor grammar, teenagers in school, dialogs (like a written play or people texting each other),etc. Your book is far from that and I would recommend trying to get it on kindle self published. Some authors on wattpad wait a few years before their stories gain momentum.

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  5. If one focuses on how many times someone viewed one’s story, it actually looses the author’s ability to write successfully because the goal becomes getting views and not actually doing your best when it comes your characters. That is actually one minus of writing communities. One starts to want their story to be popular and forget to continue being creative and reaching full potential. So I get it when reaching that 60k didnt do anything for you. I think that it’s because you are growing as an author and started seeing what your real goals should be.

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  6. I can understand about personal goals, but I have to say that most published authors I know, myself included, would be over the moon for 60k views/sales/reads. Try not to beat yourself up too much, while it’s not exactly what you wanted, it’s still out there and it’s still an amazing number. 🙂 BTW, the reason 50 Shades became so popular is because she rode the Twilight fame. She hooked people because she used the series name and came in just as the stories were at the height of popularity.

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    • Thanks, I’m trying not to get to upset over it and appreciate what I do have. Ah yes, she wrote “Masters of the Universe” (fanfiction title) at the hit of Twilight’s popularity . It reminds me of what another author from Wattpad did with the One Direction fandom. I guess it’s being in the right place at that right time 🙂 Thanks for commenting^^ I always enjoy our chats.


  7. Your book is what this generation needs, it’s beautiful in its own way. Popularity is very difficult to achieve, but there are a bunch of ways to promote your book, too much promotion is never enough. Do not lose sight of your goal, one day you could look back at this and wonder what would have happened if you kept trying. Not every writer will have a movie to follow their book, not every story will have its own billboard and such. It’s not what the book brings, it’s what the author makes of it.

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    • Thanks! I don’t know if it’s what this generation needs, but I’m happy you feel that way. Sigh…yes, popularity is very hard to achieve, and I need to enjoy the writing journey than just looking for popularity. Your words are very beautiful and encouraging^^ I’m so lucky to have such an awesome reader like you, thank you. I don’t want to lose sight of my goals.

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