How to Feel Positive about Being a Writer

Recently, I read a blog post about ways you can feel bad about being a writer, so I decided to write the opposite.

Since I usually feel like a failure as a writer, I decided to be more positive. Or rather, I was thinking about how I can feel better about myself.

For starters, I reread old and new comments left by my readers on my blog, profile, and chapters. It’s not that many comments, but the ones I do have really brighten my day. If you feel down, or feel like you are a bad writer, then reread the comments left for you by your readers. Reading what your readers say can encourage you to keep going, and if you are in doubt, just think of all the people you’d be leaving behind if you didn’t finish your stories.

Also, you can as yourself, “How would you have felt if a book you enjoyed reading was never finished?” Imagine if Anne Rice decided to quit writing her book in the middle of it. I know for one, I would have been upset, not at the author per say, but more like, “Nooooooo, now I’ll never know what happens to Lestat!” Of course, I could make my own ending, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Here are some other ways to feel better about your writing:

Read your own story You may be surprised and say, “I actually wrote that, hmm, it’s not bad” (I’ve done that too many times lol)

Send time in the world you created and just enjoy it I know this one sounds strange, but I mean just imagine your world, spend time with your characters and enjoy your creation. Don’t hate it or feel like it’s undeveloped, just think, “Huh, what can I add to it, or what new character can I create?”

Edit your story – Sometimes, improving your work can help you feel better. It’s like, yeah, the first draft sucks, but I’m making it better.

Talk to other writersHonestly, before I came to WordPress, I was in a bad place with my writing. I was depressed and was going to give it all up. Then, once I started reading blog post from other writers, I started to see a pattern. We all had the same struggles. I don’t know what the major difference between here and Wattpad is. On Wattpad, I feel like a lot of authors rub their popularity in people’s faces. They are also quick to judge you by what genre you write, but I haven’t experienced that here.

Read reviews on published books – Goodreads is a good website for this. For example, I do like the Anita Blake series, but occasionally I’ll read reviews on the books. Some of the reviews I find very true and accurate. It reminds me that not everyone will like an author’s books, even if they have sold over 1M copies.  It makes me feel better to know that I will get some bad reviews and feedback, just like my favorite authors do. It happens.

Anyway, try these out and see if it helps you feel better. I want to promote positivity and encourage others to write. If you ever need to vent, bounce around ideas or need an in-depth review of your writing, let me know. I am here to help 😀




10 thoughts on “How to Feel Positive about Being a Writer

  1. Well I have to say you have impeccable timing! I’ve been struggling for a week now and I was seriously debating of just hanging it up and just write little tidbits here and there instead of keeping my dream of writing a short story and eventually a novel series. Thank you for sharing and this post gave me the tap on my shoulder and whisper in my ear to press on and not to let go of my dream. I so enjoy reading your insights, advice and look forward to the next post!

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  2. I agree with several of these. I often reread some of my old stories and edit some of the stories that I am working on. Some of the old fanfictions that I have written make me so proud because I they were the first in that specific fandom that I wrote. So I understand where you are coming from. Thanks for the ideas.

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  3. All great advice. I know of one series that didn’t get past the second book in the series, I still check the author for the next books but… I loved them, but I wonder if the writer lost inspiration or thought that no-one liked the books. (They were published though, so that’s better than what many ever get) 🙂 Anyway keep heart all my fellow writers, and thanks for writing this post Akaluv. 😀


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