To my Fellow Writers…


(stock photo and I added the text)

If self-doubt attacks you, then move past it. If your manuscript gets rejected, then query the next agent/publisher. If your first story doesn’t get published, then keep writing! Break down your walls, do not let them block you.


2 thoughts on “To my Fellow Writers…

  1. One of my best memories from high school was an event called “Breaking Down the Walls.” It was amazing. It was my senior year and I was one of students chosen to be a counselor for the event. At the beginning of the event, all the students lined up on one side of the gym and had to cross the gym to the other side if what was said happened to them.

    One of the counselor’s called things out like:

    You have lost a loved one.
    You have tried suicide.
    You moved around when you were child because of your parents’ job.
    You had life threatening surgery.
    You were in a car accident.

    Things like that and students would cross and realize that they are not alone. After that we sat down in circles and talked about events that we needed to get past or just needed to get out of our systems. It was touching and taught me that I’m not alone and someone went through the same thing.

    Breaking down the walls is worth it.


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