Connecting with other Writers

Connecting with other Writers

Today, I had the pleasure of participating in a virtual launch party for a fellow author. She recently published her book entitled, “Stuck on Vacation with Ryan Rupert.”

I am so proud of her for publishing her book and building herself up as an author. I admire her determination and I hope one day to follow in her footsteps. In my lowest times, she always encouraged me to keep on writing. Being part of her event was so much fun, and it reminded me of the importance of connecting with other authors.

Let’s face it; writing can be a lonely job, so making friends with other writers helps to ease some of that pain. I want to follow in her footsteps by always supporting my fellow bloggers and writers. If you ever need anything, just message me, I’ll always be here. =)

Please check out this awesome Pinterest board she did for Clash of Tides and the review of my story:

Later on in July, I want to host a writers’ blog party. However, I’ve never done that before, I hope it goes well 🙂


6 thoughts on “Connecting with other Writers

  1. You’re the sweetest! Thank you!! (And to the others too! Thanks!)

    It was heaps of fun to have you there!

    Also, what’s a writers blog party? That sounds really interesting!! 😀

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    • You are very welcome! It’s a great accomplishment and you should be proud^^ Oh, it’s a day where I post a blog post asking everyone to post who they are and their blog site. I want other writers here to meet up, so I figured it would be a good idea.


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