Reflection ~ What a difference a year makes?


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I’m sure many bloggers have the same idea for today’s post, and I want to post my reflection and goals for the upcoming month.

Yes, that time is upon us – the end of another month. Last month, I had so many goals for my writing, and sadly, I feel short of those goals. June was more hectic than I planned for. However, I plan to accomplish my goals in July. Last year, around this time, I was preparing to leave the only life I’ve ever known behind and drive across country. Now, I’ve been living in California – San Francisco Bay Area – for almost a year. It’s been an interesting journey so far, and I don’t regret leaving my family and friends behind.

Since 2016 will be ending in a few months, I feel it’s time for another big change. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get a full-time writing job, or at least a part-time writing job. I feel like now is that time. I’m ready to transcend, to finally take the leap towards my goals. In July, I plan to do the following:

  • Submit a short story for publication
  • Join a writers meet-up group
  • Start interviewing for full-time and part-time writing jobs
  • Enroll in the Creative Writing program at Berkeley

Of course, these goals will stay the same =)

  • Write Clash of Tides
  • Write Love for an Angel
  • Write 9/Nine Realms

I’m scared but also excited for July. Every time I submit something for publication, I’ll make a blog post. My first submission will be rejected, I’m sure of it^^

To my fellow writers, what are your goals for July? If you don’t write, do you have any other goals for July? Is anyone else making a major change in their life?



7 thoughts on “Reflection ~ What a difference a year makes?

  1. My goal for this month is to publish my poetry works here on WordPress and write my story Till The End on wattpad 🙂
    Though, if I manage to publish my poems here, I’m planning to publish Till The End here as well, because I can already see that WordPress users are much more experienced than wattpad, and I’m sure they’ll help me in improving myself in a much better way 🙂

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  2. My goals for July:

    -self publish my book on Lulu (great site)
    -learn a song on my cello
    -transpose some music
    -hang out with my friends and camp in my backyard with them
    -start another story on Wattpad

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    • Thanks for sharing your goals 🙂 Best wishes on self publishing and starting your story on Wattpad. Hanging outside and camping sounds like fun^^


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