Learning new Skills


For those of you who read my blog, you know I like to post graphics I created. Granted, my graphics aren’t the best, but I’m still in the process of learning. All the graphics I make now are for practice. One day I hope to get better and create my own book covers^^ I also want to make more graphics to promote my books =)

On Twitter, I’ve found it’s easier to get followers when I include an image in my tweets. Right now, I’m learning to do my own graphics with gimp, and I’m trying to draw. Hopefully, once my drawings get better, I will be uploading my pictures soon.

I read a blog post last week that said if you practice something for over 10,000 hours, you are bound to get good at it. Well, I’m hoping if I do enough graphic design and drawing, I’ll develop some new skills. I’ve always been an artsy person, and I’m ready to further pursue the artistic path.

However, I worked on my writing for over four years now, and I’m still not good at that. My writing is terrible, and I really don’t want to make bad graphics and drawings. Sigh…maybe I just haven’t found my talent yet.

As per the Sailor Moon gif, let’s bring on the new skills!! Is anyone else learning something new?

giphy (1)

P.S. I will respond to all of your comments soon =) I’m currently working on chapter 17 part 2 and trying to keep up my blog post for the day.


11 thoughts on “Learning new Skills

      • You are welcome…my pleasure…and, yes, life is treating me well…although, of late, I am having a bit of a hard time reciprocating 🙂 I am being mindful of counting my blessings…in fact, I am writing a post about just that, and thanks to you, I just found the words to provide context for my message 🙂

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