Feeling Depressed

I don’t know why really, but I feel so depressed today. Maybe it’s because I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in the last few years, who knows. Self reflection isn’t always a good thing.

Anyway, for those of you who read Clash of Tides, the story isn’t ending yet, I was joking when I said that.

Sigh…I’m going to go sit in my stew of sorrows now, reflecting on how all my dreams will turn to mush.


9 thoughts on “Feeling Depressed

  1. I had to take a moment to decide whether or not to like this post, since it was a sad post and liking it seemed like I was liking the fact that your sad, which isn’t true…And then I realized I was thinking about it too much.
    However I wanted to encourage you. I have also been a little down over the last few days/weeks/months and this post just makes me want to give you and any other struggling writers a giant hug.
    You are amazing and you support so many other authors too. You don’t realise how happy I get when there’s a notification that you’ve posted something, or liked my stuff or commented. You were one of the first writers I’ve connected with on this site and I’m thankful!
    Anyway, I know things may seem hard, (even I don’t know the cure) but keep up the writing and everything.
    Also, I need to know what happens with Assan and Elena so you can’t give up! 😀
    Keep heart girl!

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    • Thank you :3 I truly means a lot to me that you responded to my post. I tried to convey a little of what I was going through in my newest blog post today. I actually spoke to another writer friend of mine and he was going through some tough times, too.

      I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down =( It’s never a fun thing to go through.

      Thank you so much! And I’ll always support my fellow writers =) Being a writer is a hard, lonely job, so we have to be there for each other. I’ll try to keep my head afloat, but some days are just so hard. Honestly, thank you so much for reading my story!!

      When I first came to WordPress, I had strong doubts I would get readers for my work, so it’s an honor for me to read this comment. Just reading your words of encouragement made me smile.

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  2. I’m not qualified to give anyone psychological advice, but I wanted to say two things. First, I’m sorry you are down. Hopefully the funk doesn’t last too long. And second, know we creative types are easy prey for thoughts of darkness. It’s hard to have one foot in worlds we create and another placed in reality. I think because we are so open to emotional thinking (due to us tapping into it while writing and reading) that it’s easy for us to slink toward the prevailing emotion in our own life. Try to keep your chin up, I’ll be sending positive vibes your way.

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  3. “Sigh…I’m going to go sit in my stew of sorrows now, reflecting on how all my dreams will turn to mush.”

    I’ve had that feeling too many times to count, and it always bothers me. I also suffer from depression and OCD, and some days, you just can’t piece it all together no matter how hard you try. Things just become this endless downward spiral and the only sense you can make of it is that, “It must mean everything’s pointless.”

    Really hope you’re not feeling this way right now, or that you’ve had some moments of clarity in between where you know that’s just the sorrows talking! And if you ever need to talk to someone about whatever, please feel free to send a note my way! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Sorry it took me so long to respond to you. I’m trying to catch up on all my comments now =)
      I know that feeling. Somedays it’s so hard to even get out of bed or even know where my life is going. Thanks, I do feel a bit better now. I’m just trying to stay focused on my goal of publishing and traveling the world. I don’t want the to let the sorrows get me down too much.


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