Pushing through the Storm (writing and motivation)

As you can see from my last post, I’m feeling depressed, and I don’t even know why. It’s strange, really? Today I got over 300 views on my blog because I updated Clash of Tides. It makes me happy that my readers are still enjoying the story, and are reading the chapters on WordPress. Why the dark emotions if readers are enjoying my work? Fear, I would say.

Yesterday, when I was reviewing the chapter, I was deadly afraid to post it. When I mean afraid, I was scared. My mind ruminated on thoughts like:

“This is a horrible chapter!”

“What were you thinking having him show up?”

“This is so poorly written, go back and review basic grammar and spelling.”

It was tough – like there was a storm of negativity going through my mind. As writers, I’m sure we all go through that. I can’t even imagine what professional, published writers experience. How do you get over the fear that your next book or chapter won’t be good? If you are a confident writer, surely those thoughts wouldn’t bother you.

As I was writing Clash of Tides chapter 17 part 2, I kept wondering if the story was going in the right direction. In the end, I know where I want Elena, Assan, Seidon, Mika and Lucas to be, but there are so many paths they can take to get there. Their paths in the story are their lives, like how there are many paths we can take in real life.

Hmm, directing someone towards the correct path scares me. As writers, we are directing our characters to the path we want them to be, while also showing their lives to our readers…yikes! No wonder I was feeling so gloomy…I even spoke with one my friends who is also a writer about my concerns. She told me I was overthinking things, and I should calm down.

Maybe a Simpson’s gif of Marge writing her story will help ease the burden.

Marge Writing

Perhaps this is me needing to push through the storm, and keep Elena on the steady course. There are my paths for Elena to take. And like Marge said, “when you write, you can let your imagination run wild.” Maybe I need to keep letting my imagination run wild, envisioning all the different roads for Elena to walk. Surely, one of those roads will steer me in the right direction.

To my fellow writers, how do you get over this fear? The fear of wondering if a book or chapter you wrote is good or not?


12 thoughts on “Pushing through the Storm (writing and motivation)

  1. It’s true, I do sometimes wonder and fear that my readers won’t like what I’ve written. I think most writers do unless they are super confident.
    However with writing the storyline of my characters I hardly ever get scared. I get excited! Some people put out an outline and plan all the events before they get writing. I may have the end and start known but the journey to that point is a mystery to even me. It may sound strange but I let the characters write themselves as inspiration comes to me.
    Fear is a part of writing but you can’t let the fear rule you or your story. 🙂 (I hope I make sense…sometimes I wonder if I do or not) 😀

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  2. It’s all a part of the writing process. If you’re anything like most writers I know and have read about, you’re moving beyond the writer high unto a self doubt phase that is inevitable in the middle of a project. If you push through, you’ll find another (maybe milder) writer high as you near the end. And you’ll probably be surprised come editing time to see it wasn’t as bad as you envisioned in your head.

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    • I do agree it’s inevitable. Writing can put us in an amazing high and horrible low. I know a lot of writers say the first book they wrote was bad and they improved over time, but I’m hoping to write Clash of Tides well. Or at least to the point where I’m proud of it 🙂

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      • Just Breathe’s first draft was horrible. The story was there… But I had quite a knack for run on sentences. Lol. Editing does wonders. And sure, three or four books down the line you’ll look back and wonder, why didn’t I word it this way instead?

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      • Thanks, Sarah =) I’m hoping once I edit Clash of Tides, it will be something I’m happy with. I can only wonder how it feels to read three or four books in your series and think, wow, “I’ve gotten a lot better since the first book.:

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  3. The simple answer is – you don’t! Self-doubt, fear, however you want to describe it will always be there to some extent. I find confidence washes in and out like a tide. The key is to enjoy the writing so much that you can live with the fear and push through it.

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    • Thanks for responding to me 🙂 And your inspiring words have encouraged me to think differently about the writing process. I have to take the good with the bad and have faith that one day I will succeed.


  4. I experience this often too. It usually happens when I make a mistake in writing and I have to redo everything all over again. Then I start to wonder: What if people don’t understand me? What if all this just isn’t good enough? What is the point of even writing all of this?
    Its really depressing sometimes, and I often lose sleep over it. I haven’t gotten a 100% guaranteed cure for it yet, but I usually find that the easiest thing to do is to put away whatever I’ve written, lock myself away from the pen and paper for a little while, eat some ice cream and go to sleep. Sometimes I cry it all out. Usually, it takes me about two weeks to get back onto my feet.
    I hope you get over this depression soon!

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    • Those annoying negative thoughts! Thanks for responding to me. I was so down that I didn’t even want to reply to comments. Those thoughts of self-doubt will keep knocking at our door, but we need to remember not to answer it^^

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  5. No matter what you write, there’ll be people who don’t like it and people who do. Your opinion is all that matters. You’re probably not going to be satisfied with your first draft; then you wont be happy with your first book and so on, ad infinitum. You just keep trying to be a better writer. If you ever feel that you’ve got it all perfected, check yourself into the nearest mausoleum — you’re dead.

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