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For the purposes of this post, I decided to use this picture to solidify my point.

Recently, one of my writer friends from Wattpad messaged me. I was surprised because I haven’t heard from her in a while, and I was wondering how things were going.

She told me there is a Fiction Award contest going on and as she was reading through the nominations, she saw all the same writers promoting each other. In her words, she said, “It’s all the same people voting for each other (their friends/people they are sucking up to) rather than quality of writing.

Annnnnnd guess what group it is doing it? Someone nominated me and I considered going for it, but honestly? It’s going to be the top 15 and I bet it’s all those books because the whole clique has voted for each other >.> What’s even the point?”

Honestly, I felt this topic should be a blog post because I love to read what other writers think about this. Mind you; I know who the clique is. Now, don’t get me wrong. Those writers are nice in their own way, but I don’t see the need for them to vote constantly for each other and praise only each other’s stories. Each of those writers has 2K-4K followers, and as I was looking at the nominations, only one of the readers from the five authors who were praising each other actually nominated one of them.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a bad person, but that’s sad. If there is a contest for ALL writers to get a chance to win a fiction award, then why are other writers voting for one another more than their own readers?? I’m not on Wattpad that much anymore, but this helps me to reaffirm my issues with the website. This group of writers started their own fantasy profile and mentioned they are some of the best writers on Wattpad. As another blogger pointed out before, this is the type of competition that some writers want to stay away from. It just bothers me because I feel a writer who has readers that truly were inspired by their story, should vote, and their votes should mean more than just authors who praise each other.

Maybe I am looking at it the wrong way, or maybe those authors who always praise each other really enjoyed each other’s stories, but outside looking in, I don’t see it.

To my fellow writers, what do you think? Am I overthinking it?


28 thoughts on “Writer’s Clique

  1. I agree, thats why I no longer use Wattpad, not that I was ever really involved with any of it but I agree that writing should be judged on its merits not because of who wrote it. I prefer to support people who like to support people because of genuine talent. So in answer to your question, no I don’t think you’re overthinking it. Good luck.

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  2. Unfortunately, in social media (which I would count wattpad as a slightly different corn of social media) is all about popularity. If you’re popular, your work is perfect. And these elitist types of people will incessantly support each other for their superiority, when in most cases, they are terrible writers. Another reason why wattpad isn’t for you in the long run.

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    • Yes, so true! It is all about popularity. It’s like you wrote the words perfectly. If you are popular, your work is perfect, and everyone should love you. I’ve noticed that on a lot of different writing sites. Once these popular authors from these cliques, they only support each other and grow their superiority. The last time I saw this happen, it ended so badly, and all the popular writers split apart. Even their readers abandoned them in the end. I’m only on Wattpad now for my readers =)

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      • Publishers also think the same way. When the story is over 10 or 20 million reads, writers get to be offered a publishing contract. That’s how it goes in the Philippines. Book stores are now filled with wattpad novels. The real writers are now a minority group.

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      • Hmm, I’ve heard about that in the Philippines. In the Philippines, they really love Wattpad books and turn them into TV shows and movies, right? In America, Wattpad doesn’t have that reputation. And sadly, the books they sponsor for publication in American many would consider trash or poor quality writing.

        I do real bad for the real writers though =( They may have to start publishing their books on Wattpad to get recognition.

        I don’t know how the Philippines works, but publishing houses here are very critical when it comes to publishing a book. I don’t even think 10 or 20 million reads would make them publish a book with poor quality writing and undeveloped characters.
        I guess every place is different. How do you feel about that? Do you feel the Wattpad books that get published are good?

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      • Yes, some TV stations, who are also publishers/movie producers turn very popular Wattpad stories into either a TV drama or movie. In fact there’s one TV station that created a TV show called Wattpad presents. It showcase popular Wattpad stories and one story gets an hour airtime for one week, so the story’s number of reads usually skyrocket after showing it on tv. Some stories are well-written, but many are not.

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      • Wow, I never thought there would ever be a TV show just for Wattpad stories. Well, at least young writers are making a name for themselves. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject and letting me know about the different TV stations. However, I do hope the real writers also get recognized too.


  3. I do believe I know what group you are talking about. It is really sad when it gets like that. Honestly, I would not want anyone to read my works just because we are friends unless it was for a critique or something. The biased praise for my work would do me more harm than good. I’d like to say the same for others, but I’m afraid I cannot.

    Now that I think on it, one of those members actually became a little unhinged at a critique on her summary after she asked the person to critique it. She said that statistics prove that she is a better writer than said person. It baffled me. Like huh? You will not take this person’s advice because the person has less reads than you?

    Really, I am still on Wattpad for my readers and I just ignore it.

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    • I don’t want to mention names or usernames in the comment section, but I can PM you about it later. Yeah, the group is making a name for themselves with their fantasy profile – and I do think some of them are good writers – but they only promote each other. Even on their fantasy profile, it’s like bragging about being featured writers with a lot of followers.

      However, I don’t agree with only nominating each other for awards. If you are featured, have a lot of followers, then let your readers promote you because they want to, not because you want another award. It also takes away from other writers who are dong it right – by letting their readers vote.

      I agree with you. I would want a friend I trust to read my story because I know they’ll give me good feedback, not blind praise.

      Ah, it doesn’t surprise me one of them acted that way. They believe that since they are featured, have a lot of followers and reads, they are elite writers. It’s sad, and honestly one of the reasons I don’t participate in any of their contests or book clubs. Yep, I’m on Wattpad for my readers now, nothing else. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m happy I’m not the only one who agrees it’s wrong.

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      • Yeah, I’m all ears. There’s much more to the story than what I’ve written, lol. Honestly, I never bothered to read any of their works so far because they don’t interest me. Not even a wee bit. I should check out at least one of them, though.

        Also, I take issue with contests doing the vote thing. I think they should read at least five chapters of each book and decide that way or something. Votes do not equate to quality writing and that surely doesn’t make it fair either. I have yet to do any contests for such reasons.

        I think my writing is crap half the time, like most writers, so I don’t even understand how that can even be possible, ahah. I plan on becoming featured and I will still think my writing is crap. Don’t get me started on the book clubs. I’ll just sit quietly and drink my tea.

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      • Really? There is more to the story, oh my. I’ve read a few of the stories, but I never finished them. None of the stories ever jumped out to me as amazing. I say give one of the books a try, well, only if you are interested in it.

        Yes, I agree with you. That is one reason I stopped doing the contest. Lol I feel like my writing is crap, too. Even if I somehow publish and became a best-seller, I’d still think my writing is crappy. Oh, book clubs *cough cough* yeahhhhhhh….

        I used to be in a book club with some of those writers, and like I said, the praise was to each other. It was so bad, many of us left.

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      • Yep. You’ll be surprised. Are any of them Adult? (PM me) I haven’t been interested in YA since graduating from high school.

        Haha, but like really though. Just published a chapter and already think it’s crap. The life of a writer is a hard one.

        That is really sad. At some point, those writers are going to have the veil pulled from over their eyes. As crazy as this sounds, I rather have someone tear my work to shreds than to hear the same oh same oh that’ll just leave me in the same place I started from.

        I was thinking of starting a book club, but eh. So much work needs to go into it.

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  4. I don’t use wattpad, and the things you say in this post reaffirm my decision not to use it. I’m not surprised to hear it is people playing favorites. Too much of the world is like that.

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    • Thanks, and I agree, too much of this world does do that. Wattpad is a lot of playing favorites and popularity. When comes to a lot of writers, they form cliques and only support each other. Mostly the writers that form cliques are those with a lot of reads and are popular. Thanks for understanding, though^^ It’s nice to know other writers feel the same way.


  5. No, you’re not overthinking it. Cliques have been around on Wattpad a long time. And right now, most contests are based on popularity, which leaves everyone else without a strong following or the combined following of their clique members out of the running from the get-go. It’s unfortunate but in a vote-centric contest, that’s how things work. You can always have your nominated story withdrawn so you don’t end up worrying needlessly over whether you get the votes or not. I’ve done that for contests that are based on votes just to get to the first round because I don’t have the same clout as many popular writers do, and I hate self-promotion even though it’s something I do in the outside world for my published novels but not on Wattpad. In the end, if you notice that it’s a clique-driven contest, the only way to win it is to be part of it. Your other option is just to keep writing what you’re writing, gain your following slowly and engage with your readers and other writers. Just keep on swimming, as Dory says.

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    • Thanks for responding to me! That is true about the vote-centric contest. If you are not popular, you won’t win. I don’t engage in Wattpad contest anymore, and when I did, I believe I only did one vote-centric contest. I won third place for a fanfiction, but the community of readers was small, and there was less competition. Right now I’m just writing my stories and hoping for the best.

      What’s your username on Wattpad? I believe I’ve seen you on the threads.


      • Don’t let it stop you from letting your readers know someone nominated you though, so they can support you. I just got nominated myself so I’ll be making an announcement on my page to let my followers know about the contest so they can nominate their own choices. I don’t do the large contests anymore simply because it’s just too stressful for me in the end. I like my stories to be voted on based on quality and that’s just the way I work. Keep on writing, and definitely keep engaging. I’ve made many friends on Wattpad and they have supported me all the way to publication and without them, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to publish three books and short stories. I’m Morrighansmuse on Wattpad.

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      • Ah lol No one ever nominates me on Wattpad for anything, really. I’m like that author in the corner no one ever pays attention to. When I had more writer friends on Wattpad, they would pressure me to get featured, but I never submitted my stories.

        We’ll see :/ This week has been hard for me, and I’m second guessing this whole writers thing.


  6. Cliques are everywhere, there is no dodging them. That being said I myself will not enter a contest regardless of who is holding it and who the voting is done by. I don’t share anything but tidbits and poems in public right now because of the cliques. I have every intention of sharing my finished work when the WIPs are ready. Until then I rather give my votes to authors who have stories I enjoy and want them to know it. I don’t believe in popularity contests. Never have. Never will. I don’t think you are over thinking it. at all. I don’t personal write for the enjoyment I get out of it, if others reading it do to then great. If not then maybe the next one I share might be something they like. I don’t take it as a negative if I don’t get a like, or a follower. A writer can’t please everyone and never will 😉

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    • True, cliques are everywhere =(

      I do the same thing, too. I try to vote strictly for the authors work I enjoyed, and I was to support them. I’ve never been a fan of just voting because I’m friends with the author. So so true; a writer can’t always please everyone. Thanks for commenting!


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