Story Updates

I don’t know if I have any readers here for Love for an Angel, but I am planning to update that story soon. Also, I want to post Clash of Tides Chapter 18 part 1 sooner rather than later. For Clash of Tides, I feel like that story is going to be picking up soon in a bigger way than I originally planned.

Ah, another writer problem: when the story goes in a different direction than you originally thought. Anyway, that’s all from me for today.

Thanks again for all the comments on my post! It’s was neat reading all the different opinions. I know I need to catch up on other people’s blogs and comments, so I plan to do that soon.

I asked this question on Wattpad, and as per usual, I didn’t get a response. I’ll ask the readers here, too.

Do you think Elena should go with Assan, or stay on land?


7 thoughts on “Story Updates

  1. :S I have no idea. There are so many pro’s and con’s to her staying on land or going back with Assan. I think the main thing is with her brother, she wouldn’t want to leave him again. It would break her to make any decision to abandon him with their mother again. Also we have no idea of some of the details that only you know, so I’ll leave it in your capable hands. Can’t wait to see what you decide! 🙂

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    • Good point! There is a lot of pros and cons =) Thanks so much for responding to me and letting me know your thoughts. I’m hoping to have chapter 18 posted next week^^


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