Different World!

To my readers, if you could live in a different world, what world would it be, and why did you choose that world?

For example, Harry Potter world, Star Wars world, or your own world? 😛

I’ll be responding to comments soon! Also, I missed some questions on my Liebster Award post, so I’ll have to repost it back.

Lastly, I plan to update Love for an Angel this week, or this weekend.



12 thoughts on “Different World!

  1. Harry Potter world, because they have better families, better schools, magic bonds people more strongly and they have well, MAGIC. Living in a world with magic just seems to have more freedom, they can basically do whatever they want, how they choose to obtain it is up to them but just the idea of it is so beautiful

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  2. As a kid I wanted to live in the Pokemon world. But if I had to pick at the moment, it definitely would be Harry Potter. Ever since I stepped into the Harry Potter world, I’ve always dreamed of getting my Hogwarts letter, going there and to learn about magic.
    And no I don’t want to live in the world I created, I would get killed the first night 😛

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