What makes your story unique?

What makes your story unique?

A lot of times you’ll hear readers and the media complaining about how stories utilize the same tired, old clichés. In the spirit of breaking down clichés, or bringing originality back to the world of storytelling, tell me what is unique about your story!

I’ll begin with my story^^ Before I divulge into what my story is about, please be warned it does have mature, adult themes.

If you are reader of my blog, then you know I have two stories:

Clash of Tides and Love for an Angel.

Honestly, Love for an Angel isn’t a unique concept. People have been writing about angels and demons for years, and focusing on Lucifer isn’t too new of an idea. Believe me; I love writing Love for an Angel, and I’ll be updating it soon, but my unique story is Clash of Tides.

I know, I blog a lot about Clash of Tides, but it’s that little story that grew into a flower when I thought it wouldn’t sprout a stem.

What makes Clash of Tides unique? Well, to start, it has these elements I have never seen in a fantasy story before. When I planned out Clash of Tides, I tried to think of something different.

  • Black female protagonist – my protagonist was raised to be a prostitute to get money for her family. Her mother wants her to become a mistress to a rich man.
  • 1800th Century Setting
  • Underwater Society – mermen and mermaids/ another species in the water who are enemies to the merpeople. I can’t say more about the other species, spoilers =)

There are other things, but I don’t want to mention spoilers. =)


Overall I’ll say my story in unique because it features an underwater society and has a whole history. Unlike other merman books I’ve read, many of them featured either the protagonist giving up their life on land, or it takes place all under the sea. Also, there is no connection between the sea and the humans on land (hint =)

I also created my own sea monsters, and the merpeople have a certain set of powers.

In my story, it takes place on both (writing this is very hard). Some of the main characters are more than they seem.

What makes your story unique?


7 thoughts on “What makes your story unique?

  1. I’m taking up on something you mentioned on a post before.
    A young villain, I find that pretty brilliant so I will definitely use that.
    I don’t have any specialties I can think of other than I am debating on killing off the protagonist in the end…

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  2. That is a good question. I think that the ‘monsters’ I have created are pretty unique. But also that the romance is already there in the first chapter, secret love, you don’t see that too often in my opinion. And I have a few plot twists in mind, I can’t wait to actually put them on paper 🙂

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  3. Writing about angels and demons may not be a new thing, but the story you tell through and with them can always bring something new to the table. Look no further than Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for a different take on the two. I don’t know if seeking to be unique will actually help much in the process. Just write the story you want to write and it will inherently be unique as long as you use your own voice in it.

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  4. I have several stories, with different characters. What makes them unique as a whole is that they are all situated in the same world. I haven’t seen any other series or blogs that are like that, so I hope its unique. As for the individual stories I try and give each one a deeper message than ‘defeating the enemy’ or ‘finding true love’ etc.
    It’s very hard to judge your own uniqueness however. 🙂

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    • Very true; it is hard to judge your own uniqueness. Ah, that is interesting to have your stories all take place in the same world. Thanks for responding to me^^ Also, I haven’t seen that idea before.


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