Cleaning up my Accounts

Earlier today, I deleted my Quotev account. While I’m slightly sad about it, it isn’t too much of a big lost for me. On that account, I only had Love for an Angel posted. Out of the one thousand reads, I only had two readers who ever commented on the story. Before I deleted the account, I let me readers know, and hopefully they will come to WordPress to finish reading the story.

Now since I deleted Quotev, I’m wondering if I should delete my Wattpad too.

I guess it’s something I’ll have to think about. I’ve been thinking about deleting my account for a while now, but I do still have readers on Wattpad.

Many of my writer friends told me to keep the account around since it doesn’t hurt anything. If I do decide to keep it, then I’ll have to make it uniform to WordPress. I want to make all my accounts look the same so readers can find me. Hopefully, once I fix my accounts, everything will look better.


22 thoughts on “Cleaning up my Accounts

  1. One thing to keep in mind, if you don’t update your account, it’s worse than not having it at all. But, that said, it’s wattpad. Honestly I’d say delete it, or at the very least, say the story will continue on your blog. The true readers and fans will follow.

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  2. It can be difficult to see all your hard work seem to be for nothing on sites like Wattpad, but I’d definitely sit on the decision awhile longer. Of course, I’m saying this as an author on there who has a few popular stories, so it’s easy for me to suggest thinking about it awhile longer. But I’ve also been where you are, where I thought of deleting my account because I had no reads and that was back in 2012 or early 2013. But I stayed and posted and then one day, one of my stories, Finding Sam, clicked with one person and then another and another and that was May/June 2013.

    In the end, it all boils down to what your expectations are for platforms like Wattpad or even WordPress. Many self-published writers have gone on to Wattpad thinking they can sell books and be popular like Anna Todd, only to realize that it takes more than just posting your stories. At most, the sales conversion is less than 1% and totally not worth it. But some stay and engage with their readers, and if there aren’t any readers yet, they look for groups or forums to join and make friends; they read stories that interest them. They join contests to further hone their craft. They use it as part of their platform to showcase their writing. But it all depends again on what your goals are. So if you feel Wattpad is not a good fit for you, then it probably isn’t. But it could also mean that you just need to walk away from it a bit (it will always be there, unless you delete it, of course) and do other things and then come back when you’re feeling less discouraged.

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    • Thanks for responding to me. I’ve noticed that if you don’t get reads within 1-2 years of posting a story, more than likely you’ll never get reads.

      I never thought I would be a popular author. However, my fanfictions were extremely popular, and both stories have over 500K reads. As for my original work, not so much. Honestly, the lack of reads on my original stories may be due to the fact I have so much fanfiction on my account.
      Ah, I’ve done the contest, made friends and did the forums. I’m kind of over all of that now. At this point, I want to focus on my writing and getting readers for my work. Thanks for responding to me and commenting. I do understand what you mean, though, and it’s something I need to think about.


      • No problem. If it’s any consolation, I started posting fan fiction on Wattpad because I was afraid to post any of my original fiction. The Richard Armitage fandom is so small that even though my fan fiction got featured, it’s still at 100K 4 years later. It was my original fiction that took off the moment I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post my original stories. So it depends on the author really. You can’t really duplicate one’s journey on Wattpad with anyone else’s but in the end, it’s an individual choice on where to put one’s focus that matters. Good luck on whatever you decide!

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      • One of the things I do really well is compare myself to others which sets me up for major disappointments, and I ask myself why I’m miserable. I may have a handful of stories that are popular and a lot of stories that aren’t, some of them I even deleted because I didn’t like the sound of crickets. Our worth is not gauged by our reads, votes and comment counts, even though it seems that way simply because sites like Wattpad rely on algorithms. It’s the same on WordPress with the likes and the comments. I write poetry but don’t post them on Wattpad because of the sound of crickets. Instead, I post them on my poetry blog on WordPress because I have the audience from years ago. So, I’m no different from you in that I don’t like not being read, but it’s not a sign that my work isn’t good. Sometimes it could mean that the audience is not there, at least for now.

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      • I always compare myself to other writers. It’s a bad thing to keep doing but for some reason, I just can’t stop. That’s true, and I don’t really know. I think taking a break from Wattpad will be good for me. It’s not like anyone will miss me anyway. Once I start submitting my short stories for publication, I’ll be able to gauge how good my writing actually is.


      • I think majority of writers go through that. I went through a dark patch around March and thought of leaving Wattpad and WordPress and all that, but other writers picked me up and supported me. We have to remember we’re not in this alone, and we’re not in competition with one another. I just posted a dilemma I have over my husband wanting me to change my author name because he was never happy I was using it, and when I posted in an author group about what steps to take, majority of the authors gave me emotional support above the usual technical stuff (set up new name, unpublish, etc) and it felt so good knowing I’m not alone. One of the women who chimed in to voice her support for me has sold over 2.5 million books of one series alone. So, no, we’re not alone and we shouldn’t feel alone even if we do, but it’s totally okay to take time off and recoup. Best of luck to you in your writing and definitely do what’s best for you ❤

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      • Thank you :3 I agree; us writers need to support each other. I’m so happy to hear that other writers supported you with how to change your author name. If you ever need anything, I’ll be here. I truly do love writing, but I can’t get space the feeling that my writing is bad.

        Sometimes I wonder if I think too much about it. If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me how you got out of your dark patch? I feel like I’m in the dark patch again. Also, I’m worried because I’m always coming back to this feeling. Even if I try to change it, I always come back.


      • Thanks for sharing this with me. You know, you’ve inspired me to set a new goal for myself this week. No matter what happens, I’m going to think positive. I want to smile again and enjoy my writing. I want to feel that burst of happiness from getting a great scene right. Thanks, Liz. I’m going to smile again, for myself 🙂

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      • Thanks, Liz. I’ve decided I’m going to take a break from Wattpad for the rest of the year. If during that time I don’t miss it or feel like I need it, then I’ll just inform my readers I left for good.


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