The Importance of Reading your Story (Writers)

As I was lying in bed today, I saw an email alert from fictionpress. The alert was for a review of my story, Clash of Tides. In the review, the reader asked me questions about the story and wanted to know when I was going to update. For fictionpress, the story isn’t caught up yet like on WordPress or Wattpad, so I got bored and decided to read the next chapter before I posted it.

As I was reading chapter 10, I found myself enjoying my own story. I kept thinking, wow, I actually wrote this well, and I want to read more.

This was me:

giphy (3)

When I was reading the story, I found myself wanting to know more about the mermen’s world. Why am I writing about this? Because it’s important to feel like a reader. Instead of thinking as the writer – you know, focusing on the plot, word order, dialogue, and description – I was engaged in the story as a reader would be.

It was a nice feeling, honestly. I wasn’t worried if something wasn’t written well, or if the dialogue was off, I was more concerned about reading the next chapter and learning more about the characters.

After I had finished reading the chapter, my writer’s brain came back.  I thought, ugh, I need to edit this, and that, and expand on that.

It’s not only important to feel like the reader but to also enjoy your own work. Think about it, if you don’t enjoy your own story, why would someone else?

It’s also a good way to feel proud of yourself. So when you are feeling down about your writing, reread your work and think, “Wow, I wrote that!”

Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy your book! Does anyone else read their own books for enjoyment?


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