Love for an Angel Chapter 14 Preview

Yesterday I finally plotted out chapter 14 of Love for an Angel. I am really excited to write this chapter, and it really challenges me on how to write Lucifer.



The noise continued reverberating around her. Bang. As she stood in the center of the room, voices slithered inside her head, calling to her.


 An Angel is here

 Come out, Lana

 Come to us; we’re waiting for you

 You are finally here…

 Yes, she is here, it is almost time.

 If felt like the voices were surrounding her; they sounded inhuman, low, and the more they talked, the closer they seemed to her. Lana quickly covered her ears, hoping to drown out the sound of their speech, but it didn’t stop.

Her essence, it’s angelic

 We must have it

She felt a heavy aura in the room pressing down on her, clashing with her angelic powers. Her body felt as though it was shirking, becoming small and weak.

“What is this?! Stay away from me!” She yelled as she tried to call forth her wings, but she felt nothing.

The voices laughed, sounding amused at her plight.

Come to us, Lana. The voices repeated, coaxing her along. Lana shook her head, trying to resist them. To no avail, they kept speaking to her, twisting around her thoughts. The room spun around her. Was it truly moving? She didn’t know. However, she knew she wanted the voices to stop, to free her from their calls.

Without her wings or angelic powers, she knew she was weak. She tried to stand firm, but soon, she was questioning herself. Maybe I should just go to them. I am alone here, and I know nothing of hell.

 Yes, come to us, Lana.

 We will help you

 Hurry, before he returns.

 As she stood in the middle of the room, she felt defeated. The voices she once tried to push out echoed around her, whispering sweet words of understanding. They will guide me through Hell; they will help me, she thought.

Slowly, she found herself lowering her hands to her sides, and then taking a few steps towards the wall.

Come to us angel of God, the voices said in unison.

Lana kept walking towards the wall. Her thoughts were empty, and her body was weak, but somehow she had strength. The barren wall was before her, and as she was about to touch her hand to it, she heard the room rumble. It shook, almost knocking her down until she felt something wrap around her waist.

If any of my Wattpad readers are reading this, I would like to get your feeling on something. Do you think I should delete my Wattpad account? :/ I keep bouncing back and forth about it. Please be honest.


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